The Drunken Red-Assed Baboon's evil clown rodeo of death - Junior Edition archive
a.k.a. An NSFW version of Apples to Apples
a.k.a. Tony's online Apples to Apples
a.k.a. Tony Apples

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The official Apples-what's it Game FAQ

1.0 What are those Apples questions and answers that Tony keeps posting?

The apples stuff is a game combining elements of Apples to Apples and 1000 Blank White Cards played via email.

1.1 How does it work?

Basically, I send out a bunch of Questions each week and collect responses from people and vote for the one I like best. Ideally (following the model of Apples to Apples) the Questions are adjectives (aka Green Cards) and can be answered with nouns (aka Red Cards). I do not edit responses, bear in mind that there are some very sick people playing this game. Feel free to join in by browsing to and following the links or you can go directly to but that's alot of typing. [Editor’s note: the list name was changed to “tonyapples” after the longer name broke some mail software, and it's now hosted on a Yahoo Groups mailing list.]

Rules of Conduct

  1. Threats of physical violence are frowned upon.
  2. The game is for entertainment only and should not be played for investment purposes.
  3. Rude, crude and socially unacceptable answers tend to win more often than not.
  4. No answer can contain the phrase "Red-assed Monkey", "Red-assed Baboon" or similar variations.
  5. Use of performance enhancing drugs is forbidden
  6. Impersonating a Microsoft employee, agent, or manager is forbidden (actually being one is permitted but don't expect to win any rounds).
  7. A player shall not:
    1. conduct or cause another, by financial support or otherwise, to conduct a vexatious or harassing investigation of another player; or
    2. seek to influence another player concerning the merits of a pending question round by means prohibited by law or applicable rules of practice or procedure.
  8. All debts must be settled by the end of business on Friday.

Common Abbreviations used in the game

WTFAYOYM - What the f**k; are you off your medication?
WWWAD - What Would Weird Al Do?
MBH - My Brain Hurts
STCB - Ship this; Corn Boy

[o-) A Smiling Cyclops in a sombrero (the only emoticon permitted in the game)

1.2 How & What do I win?

I vote on winners, so the short answer is to submit answers that I like. Winner receive an asterisk(*) to do with as they please. Why in some parts of the world these asterisks can be used for money and have a favorable exchange rate for US dollars. At least one player in the game has informed me that they printed out all their winning entries, cut out the asterisks and auctioned the lot of them on eBay for big bucks.

1.3 Is it true that playing the game counts towards my hours of court mandated community service?

No, I've never heard that before.

1.4 Who's this Wowbagger Person I keep seeing in the answers?

Wowbagger was my cat. He killed and dragged surprisingly large animals into the house and had made periodic attempts on my life. He didn't like to be picked up and could hurt those who did (people who picked him up, not people who like to be picked up). In a previous incarnation, I'm convinced Wowbagger was Benito Mussolini.

1.5 What's a Ruby?

Ruby was Torsten's dog. She was a large fluffy malamute mix. Ruby liked long walks at sunset and was an avid fan of calypso music. Turn offs included vacuum cleaners and door knobs. Other animals that periodically show up in answers include: Green (Craig's cat), Luna (Torsten's cat, not the MLP pony) and Karl Rove (GW Bush's attack dog).

1.6 Evil Clowns, Inflatable Helium Pants, Zombies, Rabid-weasels... What's wrong with you people?

Most people do not realize that is the only internet connection available to several isolated prisons and mental institutions in Central America and Eastern Europe. These minor cultural idioms are bound to confuse the unworldly.

1.7 Do you ever reveal who has submitted answers and/or who the winners are?

Only to taunt people who submit really lame answers, and then only face to face. I don't identify the winners because I assume people know which answers are theirs and I don't want people to know how frequently I vote for my own answers.

1.8 What beverage do you recommend serving with the game?

An inexpensive Merlot or homebrewed beer sounds good. Preferably something fortified, with a silly name and/or labeled in crayon. "I'm a little teapot - stout", "Faux Frog" or "Cuivre Reserve Château Bottled Nuit San Wogga Wogga" are good examples.

1.9 That's it?

I have printed out a bunch of the questions and answer to play face to face like Apples to Apples.

1.10 I mean seriously, that's it?

The official name of the game (based on my favorite answer to the "Name this Game" Question) is: The drunken red-assed baboon's evil clown rodeo of death - Junior Edition

Tony "blame all typos on my cat" Neff

[Editor’s note: entries are as they appeared in the online game, spelling and grammar errors intact. Round 1 began in June 2004.]

Round 1

  1. Overly Complex

  2. Empty, a vacuum, nil

  3. For Breakfast This Morning, I had a big bowl of __________

  4. The lamest DnD encounter ever

  5. The little known eighth wonder of the Ancient World.

  6. The road to hell is paved with ________

  7. Wonder Twins Power Activate; Form of ____________

  8. Overdue for a fall

Round 2

  1. Delicious & Blasphemous

  2. The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of ____________

  3. I need your help to get __________ out of a Nigerian Bank

  4. The surprise ending of Starwars 3, Jar Jar Binks revealed to be ________

  5. Piratey

  6. How many non sequiturs does it take to change a light bulb?

  7. Unnaturally Large

  8. Godzilla is to Tokyo as ___________ is to Corvallis

  9. And a bonus one, that I can't think of a good answer for: Who's the black private dick, that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

Round 3

  1. Tonight's theme ingredient on Iron Chef

  2. Will probably show up in the next Harry Potter book

  3. The three pillars of programming; Caffeine, Sugar and ______________

  4. Bogie Nights 2; the musical. Featuring ______________

  5. Goes Down Smooth

  6. "Besides witches, what floats on water?"

  7. Smarter than they look

  8. A good name for a Punk Band

Round 4

  1. Powered by coffee

  2. My embarrassing superpower

  3. What's that chipmonk doing on your head?

  4. Ronald Reagan vs. __________

  5. One thing you should never do with a cryogenically frozen person.

  6. Who wants to marry a tax assessor?

  7. Unwelcome medical news

  8. "It followed us home. Can we keep it?"

  9. Recently Discovered by Astronomers

  10. Your favorite nickname for Eugene

Round 5

  1. The happiest place on Earth

  2. My personal Definition of Torture includes the use of _______

  3. Piercing

  4. Catsup Substitutes

  5. The Name I wrestle professionally under.

  6. The location of my secret hideout

  7. In his latest CD Slim Whitman yodels tunes from ___

  8. Fooled me hook, line and sinker.

  9. My Official Title

  10. What's really in those meatless burgers

Round 6

  1. Something you should never have before breakfast

  2. What was the name of the spare part we had left over after assembling the bomb?

  3. "And now, the number one song by the newest Glam rock sensation the 'Crunchy Frogs' ..."

  4. The hairdo that every well groomed Stepford Wife is wearing this season.

  5. Dances with _________

  6. Surprising WMD location

  7. Shiny shiny shiny

  8. The actor who should portray me in the epic Hollywood film of my life story.

  9. The person most likely to actually be a (robot, alien or mutant) living among us.

  10. The strangest thing I've seen at the country faire.

Round 7

  1. That shouldn't be on the BBQ grill

  2. Hidden in the fourth dimension

  3. Object of your secret crush

  4. Life-changing vacation spot

  5. The National Cheese of Lesotho

  6. Tender

  7. "... which means that the real killer is none other than ___________"

  8. Torsten's Favorite mixed drink

  9. Bitter

  10. During stage 3 of the infection, the victim begins to _______

Round 8

  1. Where the hip alligators meet.

  2. Slow

  3. "Everyone was surprised when he revealed the tattoo of me on his _______"

  4. "Not a lava *lamp*, a lava ______"

  5. Over priced.

  6. In a surprise Move Bush dumps Cheney in favor of __________

  7. "Kiss me, you ______!"

  8. A character from a vague memory of a Saturday morning cartoon that may never have existed.

  9. Sounds Ruder than it really is.

  10. A restaurant you should avoid.

Round 9

  1. Spicey

  2. Favorite instrument of destruction

  3. A new environment-friendly vehicle powered by _________

  4. Unlikely utensil

  5. 31 1/6% pure

  6. Comic-strip crossover

  7. Recommended by 1 out of 5 dentists

  8. Well-known gut class #4

  9. What you want to be when you grow up.

  10. This week on fear factor, contestants are forced to eat ______

  11. Reminiscent of the twin towers

  12. This card intentionally left 'Blank'

  13. What I should be working on rather than playing this game.

  14. Something you should never give to a politician

  15. It is too cute, it must be destroyed

  16. Where do lost socks go?

  17. New for the fall season on UPN. Star Trek _______

  18. Unorthodox

  19. Short-lived

  20. Difficult

Round 10

  1. New Olympic Demonstration Sport

  2. The geekiest thing about me is my collection of ___________

  3. Name of the new religious fundamentalist Computer Game

  4. Help; My computer is infected with __________

  5. The lord of the rings movie would have been much better if they had included _________

  6. Found on Desks

  7. Please fold, spindle, and mutilate

  8. Colder than _________

  9. He looked about as inconspicuous as ________

  10. As Dumb as ___________

  11. A person who's mind is perpetually elsewhere. He's/She's _________

  12. Clever Like a _________

Round 11

  1. Faster than _________

  2. More Powerful than ________

  3. Able to Leap tall buildings in _________

  4. Cheep

  5. Elvis is alive and living in ____________

  6. Keep your _____ clean [Advice from my mother]

  7. Refreshing

  8. Folk remedy for insomnia; a spoonful of _______

  9. In his next movie Godzilla battles Rognar ( a radioactive 100 foot fall mutant _______)

  10. Organic

Round 12

  1. The magician disappeared into a cloud of _________

  2. A Face only a mother could love.

  3. There's not a lot of difference between an Oregonian and _______

  4. Armed and Dangerous

  5. My Favorite Crazy Person

  6. An Evil Genius

  7. Worst Place to get Stuck

  8. Rhythmic

  9. Sounds more Dangerous that it really is.

  10. Ingredients in a Corvallis Ice Tea (mixed drink)

  11. The Eighth and Ninth Mortal Sins

  12. Should be a real word

Round 13

  1. Should be put into Orbit

  2. Illicit

  3. In high school I was the local chapter president of 'Young Americans for ________'

  4. Rambunctious

  5. Responsible for the upcoming Election Scandal

  6. Disturbingly Humorous

  7. Most likely to eventually rule the world

  8. They might be small but they're tough

  9. Tabloid Headline: Thousands watch while ___________

  10. Pop Icon of the Future

  11. Lame Magic Item

  12. Something I never want to hear again.

Round 14

  1. Extraterrestrial

  2. "It's not you, it's your ______"

  3. Hardheaded

  4. Widget on an all-in-one device

  5. Shouldn't be livestock

  6. Sneaky

  7. Confusing

  8. The Scary clown wore ________

  9. Favorite view point

  10. Broad

  11. Ants have gotten into my _________

  12. Self explanatory

Round 15

  1. Cool

  2. Discriminated Against

  3. Thoughtless

  4. Something my cat would like to play with.

  5. Best Forgotten

  6. Be Vewy quiet, I'm hunting __________

  7. Found in alleys

  8. On a roll

  9. I used glue to stick _______ together

  10. Reptilian

  11. Inspirational and Criminal

  12. An unpopular cartoon animal

Round 16

  1. Orchestral Instrument

  2. Particularly Cunning

  3. Dishonorable

  4. Celebrity Catfight

  5. "_______ is hard!" - New phase from the talking Barbie

  6. Incognito

  7. Lop Sided

  8. Rock'em Sock'em ______

  9. Scary in a lame sort of way

  10. Decadent Sport

  11. I'm a little bit Country

  12. I'm a little bit Rock & Roll.

Round 17

  1. Legal firm

  2. Use for mice

  3. Plastic

  4. The next wonder drug

  5. "I was surprised to find ______ in Heaven"

  6. Painting subject

  7. _______ The Vampire Slayer

  8. Crunchy Bits

  9. Crybaby

  10. In the future robots will be used in place of ________

  11. Well Traveled

  12. Priceless

Round 18

  1. Flat

  2. "By Jove, it's ______"

  3. Eww

  4. Team-building exercise

  5. Alternate energy source

  6. Rhyming villain

  7. The topic you wish they would really debate

  8. Something you almost never see in a Disney Movie

  9. The secret ingredient

  10. Subject of a Blues Ballad ("I've got the _______ Blues").

  11. Hard to get

  12. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, just because I talk to ________

Round 19

  1. New in the grocery store

  2. Don't leave home without it

  3. Melancholy

  4. ______cracy: government by _________

  5. Overly powerful enchantment

  6. "What did the Romans ever do for us?"

  7. Death by _______: an as-yet-untried way to kill James Bond

  8. Counterfeit

  9. Cryptic

  10. Comes in an overly fancy package

  11. What the hell are _You_ looking at?

  12. You know where you can stick it.

Round 20

  1. Test subject for the mad scientist's latest experiment

  2. Wild ______; or wild as the ______

  3. Fruity

  4. Unhelpful error message

  5. Preteen idol

  6. During the summer, Santa works on/in ____________

  7. Move along; nothing to see here.

  8. The least important member of the team

  9. Yet another festival in Corvallis

  10. Lost in Space

  11. Congested

  12. Statuesque

Round 21

  1. I swear I had nothing to do with it.

  2. Powerful condiment

  3. The latest addition at the petting zoo

  4. My Latest Invention; a jet propelled ______________

  5. A bird in the hand is worth two in __________

  6. Title of the new Oregon state song

  7. Charming

  8. Reminiscent of the 1950's

  9. Latest sign of the impending apocalypse

  10. Unisex

  11. Not on any map

  12. My Style of Kung Fu

Round 22

  1. My Latest Invention; miniature ______________

  2. Unusual companion

  3. Please set it on fire

  4. One of the bare necessities

  5. Insecure

  6. I'm the president of the ____________ fan club

  7. Pure Americana

  8. Its Cowboy George and ________ the wonder horse

  9. What my head feels like, when I'm hung-over.

  10. Attached with

  11. The latest proposed National monument

  12. You pierced your *what*?

Round 23

  1. Voodoo ritual ingredient

  2. evil-gramT recipient

  3. Tastes like Candy

  4. Spooky

  5. Holiday-related excuse: I can't do it now, I've got ______

  6. Everyone was afraid of the wicked witch because she had _________

  7. A poor choice for a Halloween costume

  8. Haunting

  9. A pumpkin carved to resemble _______

  10. Pre-moistened for your convenience

  11. Is that a ______in your pocket or are you just glad to see me.

  12. The Name of Torsten's Next batch of Beer

Round 24

  1. My Spiritual Inspiration

  2. Hard to Walk on/over

  3. Obvious

  4. Something you should never underestimate

  5. Obscure Biblical character

  6. Mark's deep dark secret

  7. Sour

  8. Pilgrims Flock to see the image of the Virgin Mary miraculously appear on ______

  9. The final Microsoft product

  10. More words from my mother: You can't bring that in the house. It's covered with ______

  11. "Not with MY ______, you don't!"

  12. Look what I made from pasta!

Round 25

  1. The down-on-his-luck Clown, settled for ______

  2. Questionable board-game theme

  3. A relaxing diversion

  4. An infrequently observed forest creature

  5. The title of a movie that will never have a sequel

  6. Someone who's taking it a little too seriously

  7. I get all my news from ______

  8. When Life gives you Lemons, make ______

  9. I lied on my resume and told them I'm an experienced ______

  10. A space that should be added to the monopoly board

  11. The evil genius' master plan for world domination, failed to account for _______

  12. Fun at the beach.

Round 26

  1. Clown hobby: ______ collecting

  2. What to do with them nukular weapons

  3. I'm cutting down on ______

  4. Drama Queen

  5. A horseman of the apocalypse who didn't make the final cut down to four.

  6. A losing entry in this year's Pillsbury Bake-off

  7. The latest extreme sport (latest sport to get an extreme makeover)

  8. Annoying mannerism

  9. New frat fad

  10. Childhood taunt

  11. My High School Yearbook Caption: Most likely to become ___________

  12. Antique

Round 27

  1. The must have gift for Christmas

  2. Subject of an unpopular painting by Picasso

  3. Unlikely to be broadcast

  4. I connected my computer to ______

  5. Deluge of Frogs; Plague of Locust; Rain of ______

  6. A Euphemism for Breasts

  7. Nice in a cream sauce

  8. In Need of Plastic Surgery

  9. "You just can't trust people from _____"

  10. The down-on-his-luck evil scientist was forced to take a job at/in ________

  11. During a natural disaster, the safest place to be is in/at _______

  12. Breaks too easily

Round 28

  1. The mechanic said I need a new ______ for my car.

  2. A questionable marketing decision; ______ in a can.

  3. New cabinet-level agency

  4. Not really a country, though it's on maps

  5. The latest generically engineered Chimera combines DNA from a pig and _______

  6. Key element of my new theft deterrent system.

  7. Latest gummi candy

  8. Written in ______

  9. New Snack Product

  10. In the updated version of the fairy tale, when the princess kisses the frog it turns into ______

  11. The new addition at the wax museum

  12. Mail undeliverable: addressee is ______

Round 29

  1. Anything but a beaver. What should really be on the Oregon Quarter?

  2. Leak proof

  3. Eww, you got ______ on you

  4. As white as _______

  5. Favorite pet-name for a girlfriend/boyfriend

  6. it's not just for breakfast anymore

  7. What Linda S. *really* wants to for the holidays

  8. Surprise I left out for Santa on Christmas Eve

  9. Name of the reindeer they left out of the poem

  10. Jolly

  11. Atypical Christmas tree ornament

  12. Solstice Celebration Icon

Round 30

  1. New use for used wrapping paper

  2. Where I spent the holidays

  3. What makes Rudolph's nose glow

  4. What to do with fresh reindeer meat

  5. My New Year's resolution; cut down on _______

  6. A modern addition to the nativity scene for legal reasons

  7. An old Christmas tree can be recycled into ________

  8. A curse; may your _______ turn black and fall off

  9. My decorating scheme (the theme of my interior design)

  10. Disturbing discovery in a city park

  11. A bad influence

  12. Just plain annoying

Round 31

  1. A Strategic Location

  2. Party gone awry

  3. The title of my biography

  4. The school I should have attended

  5. Last night I dreamed I was talking to _______

  6. More fun than a barrel full of _________

  7. When I was young, we didn't have any of these new fangled _______ and we liked it that way.

  8. New TV Show ______ Island.

  9. Something you have in your home to impress people.

  10. A generic universal response for a "fill in the caption" contest.

  11. ______ for Pope!

  12. I protect my computer from viruses with ______

Round 32

  1. An unusual bathtub Toy

  2. Didn't they used to make those out of Metal?

  3. Almost *too* kissable

  4. Duct tape and rubber bands make a good emergency replacement for________

  5. I'm convinced that my middle school English teacher was actually a _______

  6. Local cult

  7. The next step in human evolution; we grow _______

  8. Children are 31% ______ by weight

  9. A button that needs to be added to my TV's remote control

  10. Words from my mother: don't run with ______

  11. Just out of reach

  12. My next online avatar will be ______

Round 33

  1. A ______ a day keeps the lawyer away

  2. Build it out of Lego!

  3. Cartoon-like

  4. Crystal clear

  5. That doesn't belong in the kitchen

  6. The result of a massive Government Cover-up

  7. What my neighbor's pet should be named?

  8. I can't believe they haven't made a movie about _______ yet

  9. Fictitious animal

  10. Misshapen

  11. Where the hip people in Corvallis hang out?

  12. Where I'll invest my private Social Security money

Round 34

  1. For a hangover cure, I put ______ in my coffee

  2. Novel form of fuel-efficient transport

  3. Something I could use more of

  4. Something I would rather have less of

  5. Surprisingly Soothing & Comforting

  6. Words from my mother; "Clean this place up, it looks like _______"

  7. It's hard to make a living as a professional ________

  8. The crowd stormed out in the middle of _______

  9. In zero gravity, the astronauts found that it was much more difficult to control their ______

  10. Badly translated Insult: You lack the brains of _______

  11. There are startling parallels between my life and the life of ______

  12. Clashes with everything

Round 35

  1. The New must-have nerd gadget

  2. The name of my signature wrestling maneuver

  3. Unlikely "Survivor" Locale; Survivor _______

  4. My next pet

  5. To pacify the angry spirits, the shaman performed ________

  6. All too common at the thrift store

  7. behind my back

  8. Seen in the zoo

  9. Fried

  10. Mamma always said that life is like a box of ______

  11. All things considered, I'd rather be in ______

  12. Ridiculous dance

Round 36

  1. "A dress made out of WHAT!?"

  2. Must be destroyed

  3. Secret ingredient in Tony's gumbo

  4. Not found on my iPod

  5. Reminiscent of my ex

  6. It's going around

  7. Where will the US invade next?

  8. Badly translated Insult #2: You are the offspring of _______

  9. If you stroke my ______, it gets bigger

  10. Home-made

  11. My Good luck charm

  12. The unfortunate ghost was cursed to haunt ______ for all eternity

Round 37

  1. He must be their leader because he has the biggest ______

  2. Princess Leia's dirty little secret

  3. I can't use my ______, it's clogged up

  4. Yet another use for kittens

  5. Next fad beverage

  6. Unusual conviction

  7. Quick dinner idea

  8. A taunt suitable for gaming

  9. The location of the Buried Treasure

  10. Sock monkey's evolutionary ancestor

Reverse Apples Jeopardy:
Write a question, adjective or fill-in the blank that could be responded to by:

  1. Ruby's nose

  2. My tax refund check

  3. Black & Decker

  4. $10,000 worth of cat toys

Round 38

  1. Arr, the swabs had no parrots, so I gots me a ______ instead

  2. Surprising reason most people won't get into Heaven

  3. I used ______ to deal with my ant infestation

  4. There's no place in town where I can rent ________

  5. Questionable Marketing Idea #2: An air freshener that smells like ______

  6. Badly translated Insult #3: You have the unkempt appearance of ______

  7. I'm reupholstering my couch in ______

  8. That's gonna stain, y'know

  9. Can't hide from it

  10. Where Godzilla goes for vacation?

  11. Downright underhanded

  12. If you meet an alien, never ______

Round 39

  1. My financial situation

  2. Squeezable

  3. Not to be confused with soap

  4. Questionable Marketing Idea #3: A TV channel just for_______

  5. Off duty, the executioner was known for his ______

  6. Please, I beg you, anything but ______

  7. Badly translated Insult #4: Your body has an uncanny resemblance to________

  8. The best part about joining a cult

  9. I always order ______ at coffee shops

  10. New diet craze

Reverse Apples Jeopardy: Write a question, adjective or fill-in-the-blank that could be responded to by:

  1. A senate confirmation hearing

  2. Televangelists

  3. On top of Mary's Peak

  4. A dead Battery

Round 40

  1. What's the next crime an OSU football player will be arrested for?

  2. Never admit it to your parents:

  3. New Oscar category: Best ______

  4. I found it in the back:

  5. Latest geek gadget; a combination cell phone and ______

  6. Unusual Allergen:

  7. Questionable Marketing Idea #4 spray-on ______

  8. I had to get rid of ____; it was too much of a distraction

  9. The evil clown was arrested for making ______ out of balloons

  10. A new restaurant opened in town that only serves ______

  11. I don't think you're supposed to laminate that:

  12. When I hit the dance floor, I lose ______

Round 41

  1. Beauty secret: put ______ on your face while you sleep

  2. New fast food item

  3. A category in which OSU will never excel

  4. Soon to be on the endangered species list

  5. The last book in the series: Harry Potter and ______

  6. Suggest a name for this game

  7. Questionable Promotion: ______ free with every purchase

  8. Wounded prey

  9. The surprising truth behind UFO sightings

  10. Floating down the Willamette

  11. The first sign of Spring

  12. Go to ____; do not pass go; do not collect $200

Round 42

  1. Flu induced hallucination

  2. New slang term for someone's brain

  3. A curse: may the devil take your ______

  4. I'm completely resistant to ______

  5. It'd be cooler with some LEDs

  6. Badly translated insult: you have the body odor of ______

  7. That thing you do to yourself when no-one is looking

  8. I feel so stupid; I got lost on the way to ______

  9. Closed for renovations

  10. In exchange for ending their nuclear program, I've offered Iran ______

  11. I don't get goose-bumps, I get ______-bumps

  12. If I never see ______ again, I'll be a happy unit

Round 43

  1. Call me naive, but I still believe in ______

  2. Unlike contracts with the Devil, contracts with God are signed in ______

  3. Nobody expects _______

  4. Should be bioluminescent

  5. Should be deductible

  6. The grand prize

  7. What Amazo, the really cheep magician, usually pulls out of his hat?

  8. Uninsurable

  9. Ineffective password

  10. The happier fate of Old Yeller's sibling, Old Greener

  11. When we'll finally get to play Tony's custom Apples to Apples game

  12. Choose Widmer Hefeweizen, because other hefeweizen might have _____ in them.

Round 44

  1. 100% proven way to get rid of writers block

  2. A good substitution for the Maypole:

  3. No one goes there anymore

  4. it's time to play....Eat the ______!

  5. I can't come over tonight--I've got _______.

  6. Instead of fish, I've decided to keep _____ in my aquarium

  7. That'll leave a mark

  8. The latest Hollywood buddy film teams a grizzled old cop with ______

  9. A website I hope I never see:

  10. My Inheritance

  11. An unusual theme for an amusement park

  12. Bigfoot vs. ______

Round 45

  1. Now that gas is so expensive, I'm switching to ______

  2. People who live in ______ shouldn't throw stones

  3. A new character for Sesame Street

  4. 94% safe for human consumption

  5. it's a small ______, after all

  6. I can't believe you knit that

  7. The latest Japanamation film features _______ that transforms into a giant robot

  8. I wish they'd put _____ out on DVD

  9. The latest victim of outsourcing to India

  10. What's really in that low-carb food?

  11. What I use to prevent identity theft

  12. Overexposed

Round 46

  1. The relay race at our company picnic uses ______ rather than a baton

  2. I was kicked out of ______ because of my political views

  3. Circulating in my bloodstream

  4. I hate it when _____ stops

  5. What the new ring tone for my cell phone should sound like

  6. The Corvallis equivalent of the running of the bulls in Pamplona

  7. He was healed by the miraculous power of ______

  8. I've been offered big money to endorse ______

  9. Good Name for a country and western Band

  10. Hypnotic

  11. Questionable Marketing Idea: Carbonated _______

  12. In a deleted scene from Star Wars 3*, Jar Jar Binks is revealed to be______

Round 47

  1. In the latest computer game shootem' up; you battle ______

  2. My favorite appliance

  3. Star Wars 3 would have been better if they had included some _____

  4. New restaurant trend: table, booth or __________.

  5. Happiness is to fluffy pillows as sadness is to __________.

  6. Little, yellow, different

  7. Gives me a headache

  8. The latest breakthrough in computer Animation: Realistic looking _______

  9. I'm planting lots of _____ in the garden this year

  10. My entry for this year's daVinci days community art project

  11. My Theme Song

  12. A building they should have included in Puerto Rico *

Round 48

  1. Fun fact: Tony is able to bend spoons with just the power of his ______

  2. The clumsy pirate tripped on ______

  3. What Torsten should plant in place of his dead Noble Fir

  4. I plan on performing ______ for the Talent part of the competition

  5. My favorite inflatable toy

  6. Poor choice for a tattoo

  7. Synthetic flowers on a grave are like a __________ at a wedding.

  8. The ventriloquist's Dummy had a wooden ______

  9. Mr. Bush isn't here anymore; he's ______

  10. I can't even give it away

  11. Unusual new item in the grocer's produce section

  12. There's a time for love, and a time for ________

Round 49

  1. Fun Fact: Torsten has a superfluous third ______

  2. New snack food item

  3. No one can compete against my superior ______ skills

  4. New to the Cabinet: the department of ______

  5. Needs a "sex-it-up" option

  6. Everything I need to know I learned in ______

  7. Tasteless

  8. Now available in concentrated form

  9. The Evil Genius's penultimate defense

  10. New seating class for airlines (as in business or 1st class)

  11. What I add to my coffee

  12. Bigger, better, ______

Round 50

  1. Fun fact: Mark was once arrested for making an illegal ______

  2. Found in a Moroccan bazaar

  3. Unorthodox recipe ingredient

  4. I always take __________ as carry-on luggage

  5. At MY graduation, everyone wore __________

  6. Cost a lot more than I thought it would

  7. Bachelor number one: What do you have in you bedroom that would surprise me?

  8. I hate it when ______ breaks

  9. Teenagers are really hard on ______

  10. Something you should never take inside a crowded theater

  11. Questionable Marketing Idea #6: disposable _______

  12. Immeasurable

Round 51

  1. Fictional Place from my childhood

  2. The pirate was thrown overboard because he made _____ angry

  3. Surprisingly Affordable

  4. It takes a village to raise ______

  5. Alliterative

  6. Questionable Marketing Idea #7: ______ for cats

  7. Dazed and Confused

  8. It's not really a party without ______

  9. Inspiring

  10. I'm too sexy for my ______

  11. In a surprise ending, the cyborg ninja from the future is reveled to be _______

  12. Never mix ______ and tequila

Round 52

  1. Its bad luck to spill ____

  2. "This is your captain. If you can look out the right side of the plane, you can see ______"

  3. Song Title: "By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be on _____"

  4. Movie Title: I was a teenage _______

  5. Book Title: The _______ Code

  6. I may not be rich, but I have a wealth of ______

  7. Last week I drank a little too much. Can anyone tell me how I ended up in/on _____

  8. New insect species (translated from Latin)

  9. Used to be good for you

  10. Cramped

  11. In the future ______ will be strictly rationed to 15 per person

  12. You can't go home again, but you can go to ______

Round 53

  1. Don't you hate it when _____ stops running?

  2. Extremely gullible

  3. Intoxicating

  4. My doctor says that I should cut back on ______

  5. Should be recyclable

  6. The key I *really* need on my keyboard

  7. it's hard to run when you're wearing ______

  8. Kiss me right there

  9. Hybrid monster

  10. I hear they're hiring at ______

  11. Abort, Retry, or Ignore

  12. Should be discontinued

Round 54

  1. Classified

  2. Needed: the Internet ______ Database

  3. "mmmmm _________" - ala homer Simpson

  4. In it's last throes

  5. The ship is sinking! Evacuate the ______ first!

  6. My costume for the Oregon Country Fair

  7. One of Oregon's lesser known berry varieties: the ______ berry

  8. As free as ______

  9. Good to the last drop

  10. Whenever I'm faced with a difficult decision I just ask "What Would ______ Do?"

  11. ______ makes a really poor substitute for a politician

  12. I didn't expect to see ______ in the list of ingredients

Round 55

  1. Professor Plum in the Library with _______

  2. Fashion tip: don't wear ______ after Independence Day

  3. Not sold in any stores

  4. You really made underwear out of that?

  5. Get your ______ on

  6. The name I go by on the street

  7. A new subject that should be taught in grade school

  8. Boing Boing

  9. An uneven battle; heavy cavalry vs. _______

  10. The final creation of a mad genetic engineer

  11. On top of my daVinci days totem pole

  12. A suitable repository for all these Apples to Apples answers

Round 56

  1. That's the last time I take ______ to this restaurant!

  2. His heirloom cufflinks were made of ___________

  3. That's it--I'm opening up a can of ________

  4. Euphemism for going to the restroom

  5. I just couldn't trust him after he lied about _______________

  6. Makes my hair stand on end

  7. Sorry, Tony is unavailable right now; he's in ______

  8. Words from my mother; "don't bring _____ in the house"

  9. Simply *smashing*, dahling!

  10. Surprising hiccup cure; breathe through ______

  11. Obscure comic book superhero; ______ man

  12. the most depressing place on earth

Round 57

  1. Questionable Marketing Idea: freeze-dried ______

  2. I don't need health insurance, I've got ______

  3. Sure sign of a tourist

  4. Puts me to sleep

  5. The Internet is for ______

  6. The driver's Ed. instructor of my dreams

  7. Won by default

  8. A flawed disguise

  9. In an early draft of the script; the hero fails and ______ is destroyed

  10. The lesser known purple brick road of Oz runs from Munchkin Land to ______

  11. What I use to keep cool

  12. Latest Confection from the Wonka Chocolate factory

Round 58

  1. New traffic sign:

  2. That's my kind of rock!

  3. Making ____ is harder than it looks

  4. Lost:

  5. In need of subtitles:

  6. All dressed up and nowhere to go:

  7. Bad fashion choice:

  8. Bright and Shiny:

  9. I'm going through _____ withdrawal

  10. Now available with four-wheel drive:

  11. The health-conscious Vampire didn't drink blood, he drank _____ instead

  12. An unusual livestock entry at the state fair

Round 59

  1. How nature says "Do not touch"!

  2. Sounds funny when a Canadian says it

  3. New rodeo event - stay on _____ for eight seconds

  4. I don't want to give away too much, but I've got a secret ______

  5. Due to security concerns, the entire city will soon be protected by______

  6. Comfort food

  7. On/In George W. Bush's desk right now

  8. What's in your crime-fighting utility belt?

  9. Fictional character I most closely identify with

  10. Charm bracelet symbol for Corvallis

  11. In that government warehouse, in the crate next to the ark of the covenant

  12. In the schedule of classes: Remedial Pantomime: Walking into ______

Round 60

  1. Next cool group to be part of

  2. I like to wear my hair in a ______

  3. I'm taping ______ on TV

  4. Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup!

  5. The aging space pirate's final advice

  6. Could use some fireworks

  7. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the 'half-blood prince' was______

  8. That doesn't belong in my pants

  9. _____ was/were lost for several days before asking for directions

  10. I'm convinced that _____ is/are plotting to kill me

  11. Hard to get used to

  12. Like dogs and cats

Round 61

  1. Too many cooks spoil ____

  2. My usual route to work includes going thru ________

  3. Substitutes for toothpaste in a pinch

  4. Doesn't need fertilizer

  5. Staple replacement

  6. I'm waiting for the return of ______

  7. What I use to relieve my hay fever

  8. I used my one phone call at the police station to call ______

  9. It's 8 o'clock and time for ______

  10. I flunked ____ the first time I took it

  11. Before buying ______ you should test it out for at least 15 minutes

  12. I didn't know you could use/have ______ without a license

Round 62

  1. be careful with that; you'll put your eye out

  2. Humiliating

  3. Always the last to know

  4. Next to be cloned

  5. When I die, I want _____ at the funeral

  6. Future insult: You don't have ______

  7. A really inappropriate tee-shirt Slogan

  8. New type of Sandwich

  9. You know its trouble when ______ starts coughing & wheezing

  10. Hard to dance to

  11. If I hear ______ one more time, I'll scream

  12. Look, ______ (an attempt to distract someone. As in "Look, a monkey" or "Look, cats in sinks")

Round 63

  1. "Hello 911; Send Help; I can't find ______"

  2. What a comic creator doesn't want to hear:

  3. Oh so damned:

  4. Questionable marketing idea: hyper______

  5. Run for you lives; ____ is coming!

  6. I don't understand why I was barred from _____

  7. ______ has lost its ability to shock people

  8. The distinctive part of my official uniform:

  9. Least likely to be made into a Pez dispenser:

  10. Dreaded childhood punishment; no _____ for a week

  11. My strategy isn't working; it's time for Plan B: switch to ______

  12. Childhood insult: ______head

Round 64

  1. What Mark really wants for his birthday?

  2. Poor name choice for a new coffee house

  3. Least favorite discussions: "Honey, it's time we talked about ______"

  4. Culturally challenged

  5. Dance on it

  6. Next Apple product: the i______

  7. Shaking and incoherent, yet kind of cute

  8. Neo-hippie accessory

  9. Fun to play in the car during long road trips

  10. Sorry I'm late; I had to stop off for ______

  11. Revealing Rorschach test response: "this inkblot looks just like______"

  12. Questionable Marketing Idea #8: Corporate Sponsorship for ______

Round 65

  1. Suggest a name for Mark's new email account.

  2. Shouldn't be mixed: football and _______

  3. Unanticipated side effect of global warming

  4. Hurricane Names are too mundane, suggest some new ones

  5. Scratchy

  6. Words from my mother: "No, you can't have ______"

  7. I can make ______ from common household items

  8. Fits in a coffee mug

  9. Questionable marketing idea: inflatable ______

  10. Lost at Sea

  11. You're not fully dressed without ______

  12. Overdue for a comeback

Round 66

  1. Bad title for a children's movie

  2. Not fooling anyone

  3. Should generate zero hits on google [actual hits]

  4. When I really want to impress people, I show them ______

  5. That's not music

  6. Silly, juvenile, batteries not included

  7. Never in kerjillion years

  8. Man's new best friend

  9. Flea market treasure

  10. The cause of and solution to all my problems

  11. What I use to demonstrate my amazing dexterity

  12. A good name for a pirate ship

Round 67

  1. Holding me back from a life of fame and fortune

  2. I have a recurring dream about _____

  3. I'm in the market for ______

  4. What's *really* behind terrorist attacks

  5. The last safe place

  6. Get away from her, she's ______

  7. Lamest. Excuse. Ever.

  8. Good name for a vineyard

  9. Whenever I have guests over, I make sure ______ is/are clean

  10. Innovative cell phone feature

  11. Should be recyclable

  12. Bumpy

Round 68

  1. Looks good on the outside, but rotten in the middle

  2. The latest campus craze ______-balancing

  3. Where losers come from

  4. Wonder of the deep

  5. _The_ fashionable disease of 2005

  6. Contains meat and meat by-products

  7. Saddam Hussein's surprise witness

  8. Its not really a costume; but I'm wearing it on Halloween

  9. Sleek and powerful but always in need of repairs

  10. What Blabo, the confused mime, uses to improve his performance?

  11. The big thing I want for Xmas

  12. I have to get off the phone because I'm waiting for a call from ______

Round 69

  1. Badly translated insult #6: you are as useless as ______

  2. Lewis & Clark's secret discovery

  3. Best thing ever given away for free

  4. Could be soup

  5. The expletive I use when I want to bypass a website's sanitizing word filters

  6. He's about as loony as ______

  7. The only logical conclusion is that they're being controlled by aliens

  8. My So-Called ______

  9. Found in the road

  10. Obviously faking it

  11. I'm gonna scream if you mention ______ again

  12. This season's big Broadway musical is about _____

Round 70

  1. Undervalued on eBay

  2. They're an acquired taste

  3. I don't have anything to wear for ______

  4. Found in my Halloween candy bag

  5. Present for my sweetie

  6. Good thing in a small package

  7. When the revolution comes, first thing we do is kill ______

  8. Eminently lickable

  9. What with this global warming, I'm moving to ______

  10. Stop me if you've heard this one. ______ walk(s) into a bar...

  11. Tricky

  12. Now that I've got a pony, I want ______

Round 71

  1. The shocking picture that turned up in a google image search of my name

  2. Nonrefundable

  3. Splashy

  4. Whenever I win at this game, I _____

  5. By Jove! We've discovered the legendary ______ graveyard!

  6. Sorry I'm late; I hit ______ on the way here

  7. Evidence against intelligent design

  8. Latest Darwin Award Winner; Death by _______

  9. Never been there

  10. Worth every penny

  11. Just a little bit creepy

  12. I often dream of ______

Round 72

  1. When I become King (or Queen); my first royal decree will be ______

  2. Makes me question my sexual orientation

  3. Just in case; I always travel with a spare ______

  4. Worth its weight in ______

  5. Needs a good boot to the head

  6. On the thirteenth day of Christmas; my true love gave to me; thirteen _______

  7. Enough of that, let's talk about ______

  8. The upcoming muppet movie is loosely based on ______

  9. The next Census questionnaire should include a checkbox for _______

  10. Future fad

  11. Another euphemism for your 'naughty bits'

  12. Contrary to popular belief, ______ has (have) no effect on your health

Round 73

  1. Famous Last Words

  2. I can't help it; I was born that way

  3. To save money this winter, I'm heating my place with ______

  4. Poor name for a new high tech company

  5. Scared beyond the ability of rational thought

  6. Weird on several different levels

  7. All you need is ______

  8. There's never enough ______

  9. Advice from mom: get off that computer and go ______

  10. The missing thirteenth zodiac sign

  11. The obligatory Interview Questions

  12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  13. What do you consider to be your weak skills?

Round 74

  1. I can't believe they cut out _____ when 'The Goblet of Fire' was made into a movie

  2. Inconsistent

  3. There's always room for ______

  4. I'm convinced that I was _______ in a previous life

  5. A new award show gives trophies for best ______

  6. New collection on display at the art museum

  7. Questionable entree at the potluck

  8. One isn't enough, but a dozen is too many

  9. Sickening

  10. Name this drink: Coconut Rum & Fresca

  11. Children like saying it

  12. Comes in an envelope

Round 75

  1. Bumpy, pointy, smelly

  2. In her new collection, Anne Geddes dresses up babies as ______

  3. What's the word on the street?

  4. Questionable Marketing Idea #9 fizzy _______

  5. Impervious to fear

  6. I've started trading my prescription meds for ______

  7. In the modern version of the story, Cinderella loses (a glass) ______ instead of a slipper

  8. I'd sell my soul for ______

  9. I can't give up; the world needs me to ______

  10. The proper distance between me and my family

  11. Follow your ______

  12. Letterman (from the electric company) was ostracized after changing _____ to _____

Round 76

  1. Questionable Marketing Idea: _____ on a stick

  2. Rejected name for a new yoga position:

  3. Smells like cheese:

  4. Questionable Marketing Idea: pocket sized _____

  5. Tabloid Headline: Baby Born with ______

  6. I collect paintings of sad big-eyed ______ on black velvet

  7. I got a car title loan so I could buy

  8. I woke up in a hotel room in a tub full of ice, with a note that said:

  9. Shouldn't be smaller than me

  10. I rejected your Apples submission because it had _____ in it

  11. Badly translated exclamation: _____ to ______

  12. Out for blood:

Round 77

  1. I laughed so hard that _____ came out my nose

  2. Next name a baby will be saddled with by Hollywood parents

  3. You can't come over because _________ is a mess

  4. I can't take ________ to Goodwill, I might need it someday

  5. My unrealistic New Year's resolution

  6. My realistic New Year's Resolution

  7. Some assembly required

  8. I made ______ from used wrapping paper

  9. Useless, simply useless

  10. That's not a fruitcake, it's a ______

  11. Proposed fifth branch of the military

  12. A 'found' name for a band (something you've seen written around town)

Round 78

  1. My cat likes to ____ before he/she goes outside

  2. What I'm going to be doing when the Rapture comes?

  3. Questionable Marketing Idea: gold plated ______

  4. Tabloid Headline: ______ meets with aliens

  5. My neighbors deserve ______

  6. Spiny

  7. The *real* purpose of lecithin

  8. I can't help smiling when I think of ______

  9. I got the job based on my superior ______ skills

  10. Instead of a tuxedo, the modern groom should consider wearing _____

  11. Reminiscent of the 70s

  12. Mysterious

Round 79

  1. Found at Torsten's

  2. Final

  3. Beneath our feet

  4. Requires batteries

  5. What do you serve with green fluorescent jellyfish/pork?

  6. I was really surprised to find that my cat has ______ on the Internet

  7. If I told you, I'd have to ______ you

  8. I found a perfectly good ______ in the Trash

  9. In the finale of the extreme Juggler's act, he keeps six ______ in the air at one time

  10. Tabloid Headline: Judge Alito revealed to be _______

  11. Could use a swift kick in the pants

  12. Explosive

Round 80

  1. You have all the brilliance and sparkling wit of ______

  2. Unlikely to be Tennis doubles partners

  3. Should be dropped from the winter Olympics

  4. Seen on Safari

  5. Don't get mad, get ______

  6. Where're my pants?

  7. What the hip superheroes are wearing this year

  8. It must be Spring, I just saw ______

  9. A Good Idea: combining _____

  10. A Bad Idea: combining _______

  11. You've got to be cruel to ______

  12. Disenchanted

Round 81

  1. it's not dead; it's just pining for the fjords

  2. Super bowl snafu

  3. A flu medicine induced hallucination

  4. Salty

  5. Traditional Springtime Activity

  6. I must be getting old; my _______ has turned gray

  7. Mom was cleaning out her garage and sent me a box of my old ______

  8. Found in the Army Surplus Store

  9. My Intimidating new online avatar

  10. Inhabitants of the little-known mezzanine between the 4 and 5 circle of Hell

  11. My role in the parade

  12. Questionable Marketing Idea: unbreakable ______

Round 82

  1. Really Lame Valentines Day Gift:

  2. Cute but threatening:

  3. Polar:

  4. I made it from _____

  5. Why Cheney really shot that guy:

  6. That shouldn't be in my hair:

  7. Where old Olympic athletes go:

  8. New reality show features competition between _______

  9. I can't believe I won first prize in the ______ contest

  10. The first step in my master plan:

  11. In need of repair:

  12. Bicycle Accessory:

Round 83

  1. I always keep ______ in the truck of my car

  2. It really makes you stand out in a crowd

  3. A convenient scapegoat

  4. Tastes like chicken

  5. A moment of Schadenfreude

  6. Sweet and lovely

  7. The world's a better place because of ______

  8. An American Treasure: the Museum of ______

  9. I couldn't find a wig, so I wore ______ instead

  10. What I use to predict the weather

  11. Needs ice

  12. A noun that should be verbized

Round 84

  1. My costume for Carnivale involved ________

  2. 84% of surveyed citizens enjoy ______

  3. I'd be lost without ______

  4. A totally fake holiday I'd celebrate anyway

  5. For men only:

  6. You wouldn't do that if mom were home

  7. No one goes there anymore

  8. My real purpose in life:

  9. My allergies make me ________

  10. Never caught on for Saint Patrick's Day; Green ______

  11. Last weekend I overextended ______

  12. Too good to be true

Round 85

  1. Noisy:

  2. The key element of Plan C (in case Plan B fails):

  3. I call this painting

  4. Questionable marketing idea: secret

  5. Just ignore it; maybe it'll go away:

  6. Keep away from open flame:

  7. You shouldn't operate heavy equipment after

  8. An excuse for not finishing: I was distracted by

  9. Improvised adhesive:

  10. Children's book title that never sold:

  11. Now available in convenient pill form:

  12. I've rejected evolution and intelligent design in favor of

Round 86

  1. Keep it hidden (we mustn't let the children see)

  2. You'll never get ______ with that kind of attitude

  3. Bosses do it

  4. Bad Internet domain name

  5. Good news from the repairman

  6. Equipment needed for a childhood game

  7. A Stained glass window subject

  8. Amazing new investment opportunity

  9. Most likely to succeed

  10. Easy as _______

  11. Who GWB should have brought in to shake up his cabinet.

  12. A new Smarty Party* Question: Name the top _______

Round 87

  1. What I'm purposely not putting on my resume

  2. The video game *I* would design

  3. Next surprise hit TV show

  4. Not really a swear word

  5. Our new national motto

  6. Makes me smile

  7. Define: "fusterlicious"

  8. What's inside a bunny?

  9. Shuddering and incoherent

  10. My new gaming strategy

  11. Questionable marketing idea: snack ______

  12. Built from wood

Round 88

  1. Artificial

  2. One of these things is not like the others

  3. A dirty job

  4. Requires alteration

  5. Too easy

  6. Household hint: try using ______ to get out those really tough stains

  7. Found in my bellybutton

  8. Vague

  9. My secret advantage

  10. Nobody expected her to have ______

  11. Instead of a check, I put ______ in with my taxes this year

  12. Fun Fact: Mark collects ______ that look like famous people

Round 89

  1. Stuck in the past

  2. Part of my online profile that's gotten a surprising amount of comment

  3. Silly superpower that makes me smile

  4. Evasive

  5. Fun Fact: Tony makes a detailed journal entry of every _______ he sees

  6. I don't know what that is, but it shouldn't be in my mouth

  7. On this date in 1806; European Explorers discovered ________

  8. The telltale sign that a person has been spending too much time online

  9. ______ for Dummies (In the popular line of "for Dummies" books.)

  10. Here's a job not likely to be outsourced

  11. The award that I deserve to win

  12. Potential Roadside attraction: the world's largest ______

Round 90

  1. What Flipper was really saying on that show

  2. Secret ingredient in your "Organic" granola

  3. Fun Fact: Torsten was once a member of _____

  4. Does not follow

  5. You know it's fresh, because it's got ______

  6. Meet my sidekick, ______ Boy!

  7. Infantile

  8. I didn't think I'd ever be reduced to ________, but here we are...

  9. This year, I'm ________ for vacation for a change

  10. Found in my junk drawer

  11. That's not clothing

  12. Leaves me dizzy

Round 91

  1. A board game we must invent

  2. Contents of my hope chest

  3. Slinky

  4. Questionable Dog Training technique/Equipment

  5. When I go camping I always take plenty of ______

  6. Shrinking

  7. I'm not listening, la la la

  8. Well boys, there's no women, but at least there's ______

  9. I was trying to concentrate during the game, but I kept thinking about _____

  10. After my checkup, my doctor told me to start taking _____ 3 times a week

  11. What Tony's not telling us?

  12. A little trick to help overcome my fear of public speaking

Round 92

  1. Carstairs, you've done it! But is the world ready for a ______ ray?

  2. I just realized I don't know where _______ is

  3. Them's fightin' words

  4. I didn't know ______ laid eggs

  5. Bumper Sticker: I'd rather be ______

  6. Bigger than it should be

  7. The message in my fortune cookie

  8. Goes with beer

  9. What really happened to Tony's Flash Drive?

  10. This week marks the official beginning of ______ season

  11. A category I could ace on Jeopardy (the game show)

  12. An unpopular soda flavor (other than roasted turkey and mashed potatoes)

Round 93

  1. I don't know what's wrong with my car; it's making a sound like ________

  2. Childish

  3. Something I'm missing out on

  4. My new camera has a ________ function

  5. The winner is the person who collects the most ______

  6. They totally ignored me; it was as if I was/were _______

  7. On my way to work I saw _________ in the road

  8. Film Trivia: The original script for 'The wizard of Oz' included a scene with ______

  9. Badly Translated Warning Label #1: This product contains ______

  10. If I never go back to _________ again, it'll be too soon

  11. What really makes cigars stink?

  12. What I do to cool off in the heat

Round 94

  1. This is the first wine I've ever seen that compares its bouquet to _____

  2. To encourage its use; ______ is/are now offering frequent flier miles

  3. iPod? Feh! I carry around a/an ______

  4. Another use for socks:

  5. In the future, ______ will be very expensive

  6. Bumpy:

  7. Movie Trivia: Jar Jar Binks was originally going to be portrayed by ______

  8. Silly body part:

  9. Should be part of my diet:

  10. If I don't write it down, I'll forget all about it:

  11. Since I started playing <insert any MMOG here> I've lost _____

  12. That shouldn't be on the barbeque:

Round 95

  1. Not done often enough

  2. I made it myself!

  3. That's it! I'm through making up excuses for ______

  4. Showing respect for other cultures does not include _______

  5. Found in my medicine cabinet

  6. That coffee tasted so bad, I had to ________

  7. I was disappointed that nobody was eating my _____ at the company picnic

  8. I'm amazed that my parents never found out about ______

  9. I am so glad that our summer office dress code allows _______

  10. A fight I'd pay to see

  11. Butcher, baker, ______-maker

  12. My preferred vehicle

Round 96

  1. All the hot weather gives me a great excuse to ______

  2. Another use for a rubber chicken

  3. A 1950s safety film warned children against ______

  4. Everything was working great and then suddenly ______

  5. I was surprised to find that ______ came with a rebate coupon

  6. I can't believe someone put that on the internet

  7. The taxidermist refused to stuff ______

  8. I've always wanted to learn to play ______

  9. What's that bewitching fragrance?

  10. Corvallis's hot new store

  11. Badly Translated Warning Label #1: Do not ______

  12. Apoplectic

Round 97

  1. Could be misinterpreted

  2. Worst. ______. Ever.

  3. Odd 'back to school' sale item

  4. Improves with age

  5. Shouldn't be cloned

  6. My new home improvement project

  7. Get used to it; it'll be around for a while

  8. Available Seasonally

  9. Why did Tony really cut his hair so short?

  10. Bumper sticker: I <heart> ______

  11. Innovative use for Explosives

  12. A soon to be released animated movie features talking ______

Round 98

  1. Should be used sparingly

  2. Fills me with glee

  3. In my day, we never ______

  4. Subject to change without notice

  5. Hard to say with a straight face

  6. Seldom seen on stage

  7. I can't believe that someone gave me an oversized novelty _______

  8. You hardly ever see _____ in Bagdad anymore

  9. I know it's dangerous, but getting a/some _____ is worth the risk

  10. Immature

  11. Given away free with every purchase

  12. Flashy

Round 99

  1. The working title of my new screenplay:

  2. I think that Corvallis would be the ideal location for the national ______ hall of fame

  3. Snakes on/in ______: the Sequel

  4. Sealed with _______

  5. If I didn't know better, I would swear I was allergic to _______

  6. Fun Fact: I've got _____ where my spleen should be

  7. To encourage Iran to end their nuclear program, the president is sending them _____

  8. That's not a medical device

  9. What a mess. It looks like _____ exploded in here

  10. Makeshift condiment

  11. Slippery

  12. Last time I lost my glasses, I found them _____

Round 100

  1. Known to make cows 'splode

  2. *The* dorm accessory for fall 2006 term

  3. Latest green energy source

  4. Is this normal? During my last visit to the dentist, he used _____ on my teeth

  5. Strange place for advertising

  6. I can't eat that, its got _____ in it

  7. The theme at my High School Prom

  8. The last leg of the obstacle course contains ______

  9. In a newly released lost episode; MacGyver uses a Swiss army knife and items found in a junkyard to make _____

  10. Lacks Finesse

  11. Might surprise a time traveler

  12. I plan to celebrate the 100th round of Tony's online Apples to Apples with ______

  13. The only thing standing between me and world domination

  14. When I really want to impress people, I show them ______

  15. The person most likely to actually be a (robot, alien or mutant) living among us

  16. it's not really a party without ______

  17. Key element of my new theft deterrent system

  18. Star Wars would have been better if they had included some _____

  19. The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of ____________

  20. They might be small but they're tough

  21. What Amazo, the really cheep magician, usually pulls out of his hat?

  22. What's really in those meatless burgers?

  23. The scary clown wore ______

  24. Stop me if you've heard this one. ______ walk(s) into a bar...

Round 101

  1. I'm saving mine for a special occasion

  2. Not available in stores

  3. Should I be concerned? My cat has started bringing ______ into the house

  4. Sculpture subject

  5. The source of my superpowers

  6. Bad financial advice: keep your money ______

  7. My path to enlightenment involves

  8. Earth, air, fire, water, ______

  9. Usually overlooked

  10. That's so last millennium

  11. Soon to be on top of the non-fiction best seller list: The miracle of _______

  12. Its got room for 8 and gets really good mileage

Round 102

  1. This cheese can't be good; it tastes like ______

  2. I've replaced the dust in my house with ______

  3. My suggestion for an addition to the local life-size nativity scene

  4. I like to splurge occasionally and get ______

  5. 2006 Award Winner, National "Needs a Life" Foundation

  6. I challenge you to a duel! Choose your weapons.

  7. Beware the wind from ______

  8. A scary story told around the campfire: "The legend of ______"

  9. Makes noise when you squeeze it

  10. Now that Pluto is no longer a planet, I think we should rename it to

  11. Game with a politically incorrect theme

  12. Improvised art material

Round 103

  1. Not worth the bother

  2. You shouldn't mix gaming and ______

  3. Found while cleaning out my gutters

  4. But can you dance to it?

  5. Questionable Marketing Idea: coffee flavored ______

  6. My final resting place

  7. Would be better far away

  8. A children's plaything taken off the market for safety reasons

  9. Easily Mispelled

  10. Smells like bacon

  11. TV character that wasn't, but should have been

  12. Plans for World Domination; Step One: collect ______

Round 104

  1. Plans for World Domination; Step Two: produce ______

  2. An unsafe Halloween costume

  3. Macabre

  4. Animal-vegetable death match

  5. Missing line from the Boy Scout oath

  6. Get your hands off me, you ______

  7. Fragile

  8. Makes me think sweet thoughts

  9. I couldn't find my shoes so I wore ______ instead

  10. Since I lost _____ I've been using a pumpkin as a replacement

  11. Build a better ______ and the world will beat a path to your door

  12. Special preparation is needed to make _____ eatable.

Round 105

  1. Plans for World Domination; Step Three: destroy ______

  2. Decrepit

  3. There's always room for ______

  4. Retro, but futuristic

  5. The saddest thing ever

  6. When in doubt, ______

  7. I was so bored today; I watched _____ for a while

  8. You'll need tweezers for that

  9. Instead of a pencil, I filled out my ballot with _____

  10. A new codename for the military action in Iraq (it was operation Iraqi freedom). Operation ______

  11. Tattoo subject

  12. Worth the effort

Round 106

  1. I am mighty and nigh invulnerable

  2. The internet is my main source of information regarding ______

  3. Warning Label too often ignored: Danger! Do Not Expose Contents to ______

  4. President Bush doesn't have any, and Iraq's got way too much/many

  5. What accessories does it come with?

  6. Historically Inaccurate

  7. After many years, I'm finally living a life free of ______

  8. The store was out of tofu so I bought _____ instead

  9. Last night's dream was frightening and memorable. I had _______

  10. Silly looking contraption

  11. You're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to use ______

  12. The evil sorcerer had the power to turn men into _____

Round 107

  1. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would

  2. I'd use it more, but it's too expensive

  3. Legally Questionable

  4. The ACME product that Wily E. Coyote could never get a hold of

  5. Magically Delicious

  6. They're easier to work with if you freeze them first

  7. If I weren't here I'd be in ______

  8. Most things would be better with more ______

  9. Underexposed

  10. cosperkusphobia: the fear of ________

  11. Dangerous but effective exercise apparatus

  12. Suggest a new entry for "weapons that never existed, but that should"

Round 108

  1. Gullible

  2. Due to some minor damage, it's on sale for half price

  3. If I ever win the lottery I'm gonna buy me a solid-gold ______

  4. I distracted the enraged bear by ______

  5. Two great tastes that go great together

  6. Who put the bop in the bop-shu-bop

  7. Unheeded Safety Warning #2: Always ______

  8. Batteries not included

  9. Contrary to the way they're usually portrayed, Santa's elves have _____

  10. The annual holiday tradition that must be stopped

  11. No Christmas tree for me this year, instead I'm decorating _______

  12. Surprise I'm leaving out for Santa on Christmas Eve

Round 109

  1. Even the garbage truck wouldn't pick up the ______ we put in the can

  2. It may be a small town, but at least it's got _______

  3. Unusual Pastime #43: ______-watchers

  4. People say I'm crazy just because I dress up like ______

  5. In an emergency, it's possible to use a cat as ________

  6. Kryptonite gets all the press, but Superman reacts in exactly the same way to ______

  7. It always comes in threes

  8. Too far ahead of its time

  9. Name for a new model of car (the 2007 Ford _____)

  10. Twisted

  11. Lost in translation

  12. Scruffy & Scraggly

Round 110

  1. Other than duct tape, what I use most often to make repairs

  2. Cats hate it

  3. An Unusual Shape for Pasta

  4. Too good to last

  5. Wasteful

  6. May cause blindness

  7. Somewhat surprisingly it's still totally unregulated

  8. Define It #6: "bormugla"

  9. A modern addition to the signs of the zodiac

  10. After the probe, the alien gave me ______

  11. A difficult occupation: ______ wrangler

  12. Hard to remember

Round 111

  1. Don't think of it as "being fired", think of it as ______

  2. This year's popular pet is rumored to be ______

  3. Starts right after the drum solo

  4. Requires a lamp

  5. Could use some adjusting

  6. While I'm at work, I just *know* the cat is using ______

  7. With all the time I've spent watching television, I could have been _______

  8. Good Advice #6: never tell anyone you have/were ______

  9. A sure sign that someone has too much money

  10. Squishy

  11. Slow and Steady

  12. It might be damaged, it squeaks when I move it

Round 112

  1. IQ Test Question #1: What's next in this sequence: pool boy, emergency room, vanilla pudding, ______

  2. IQ Test Question #2: Godzilla is to Japan as ______ is to Iraq

  3. The evil clown was arrested for pulling ______ out of his pants

  4. I'm lost without ______

  5. Watch your step! There's ____ on the floor

  6. If I were ten feet tall, I'd ______

  7. Makes a fine addition to any spring wardrobe

  8. Source of inspiration

  9. "It's just not right; nothing for weeks and now three in one day"

  10. Found in bottles

  11. As a penalty for the transgression he was required to wear the _____ of shame

  12. Questionable Marketing Idea #20: dissolving ______

Round 113

  1. Sounds better when said with an accent

  2. Hard to find item in a scavenger hunt

  3. Needs a good churning

  4. Questionable Marketing Idea #21: helium-filled _______

  5. Cannot be photographed

  6. Personality questionnaire question #1: Cats, dogs, or ______?

  7. Can't decide if I like it or hate it

  8. Surprisingly aerodynamic

  9. The first pick from the treasure hoard

  10. Its already special, and _____ makes it extra special

  11. The minor obstacle(s) you must overcome on the way to the end of the game

  12. Alluring

Round 114

  1. Questionable Marketing Idea #22: bite sized ______

  2. In a pinch, ______ can be used as a mop

  3. Better in black & white

  4. Evidence of my lameitude

  5. Secretly in control

  6. Its better in the dark

  7. A most unlikely candidate

  8. New category for a scouting merit badge

  9. Not ordinarily considered a weapon, but can be used as one

  10. I was shocked to discover there's no entry for ______ on Wikipedia

  11. The way the cat is acting, I think he wants ________

  12. I'm finding the birds don't like _____ in their feeder...

Round 115

  1. Music to my ears

  2. Organic

  3. An accident waiting to happen

  4. A sure sign it's time to start looking for a new job

  5. Gives me a headache just thinking about it

  6. Almost never fails to get a laugh

  7. I thought I'd lost it forever

  8. Call it whatever you want. Its still ______ to me

  9. I have no idea what to do with it (them)

  10. Common on TV, rare in real life

  11. Will fix all our problems

  12. Computers make it easy

Round 116

  1. Spring cleaning discovery

  2. Turns out they weren't kidding

  3. It'll make a man out of ya

  4. I just discovered ________ in the compost pile

  5. A danger to everyone around it

  6. Creepy Crawly

  7. All I did was touch it and now it's broken

  8. Indicative of my lofty status

  9. Cannot be explained by science

  10. Having too much fun

  11. Only found in fancy boutiques

  12. That shouldn't be in your mouth

Round 117

  1. My pet's secret name

  2. That wasn't designed to be a medical device

  3. This morning I found ______ in my dreamcatcher

  4. Yet another way movies are unrealistic

  5. Jinxed

  6. There should be a special ______ for people like me

  7. Heavens to ______!

  8. I'm not sure, but I think it's illegal

  9. Only Dangerous to the dim-witted

  10. Sells for 44¢/gross

  11. Tony's downfall came when he forgot ______

  12. National Institute of Health Recall Notice #NIHRN-2007-01: The ______

Round 118

  1. Soon, having _____ will be mandatory

  2. Fluffy

  3. Hypnotic

  4. Contrary to popular belief, Abraham Lincoln never said _________

  5. I get better gas mileage when I ________

  6. My favorite decadent dessert:

  7. The warning label on my cereal box: do not mix with _______

  8. Surprising source of my spring allergies

  9. What Karl Rove did with the emails

  10. The ingredients of Underdog's super energy pill

  11. I put it out by the curb, but the garbage truck wouldn't take it

  12. Poetry subject; ode to ______

Round 119

  1. The latest celebrity scandal surprisingly involves _______

  2. I was late to work because there were ______ on the road

  3. Working title of my novel:

  4. Rejected comic book superhero attack sound effect

  5. Challenging origami subject

  6. They only exist to amuse me

  7. Questionable Marketing Idea #23: sexy ______

  8. Fur substitute

  9. Makes me blush

  10. ______ the Clown

  11. IQ test question #3: complete the sequence: flame, flaming, inflammable, ________

  12. Popular event in the Online Olympic Games:

Round 120

  1. Questionable Marketing Idea: pre-stirred ______

  2. Scientific

  3. Inflatable party ______

  4. A cause for concern

  5. My proposal for a new holiday: _____-day

  6. If it's good enough for ______, it's good enough for me

  7. Rejected dissertation subject

  8. My reward for a job well done

  9. I put it up for sale on eBay but didn't get any bids

  10. Plummeting

  11. The new addition to the band's percussion section

  12. Accidentally caught on film

Round 121

  1. Unnecessary Warning #1: should not be used as massage lotion

  2. Famous Last Words

  3. Classics Updated #1: Modern-day Sisyphus eternally pushes ______ uphill

  4. The villain's surprising motivation

  5. Childish

  6. I keep mine in a thermos

  7. Another use for shoes

  8. 2AM is the best time for ______

  9. Aw man, I can't believe it. ______ *again*?

  10. Don't put that in your mouth; you don't know where it's been

  11. What I do with the slugs on my lawn:

  12. New horror movie features a homicidal ______

Round 122

  1. Found under the couch

  2. Seen lurking nearby

  3. Awkward

  4. My vacation activity

  5. This year, I'm positive my ______ will win first prize

  6. Dumb Dora is so dumb; she thinks Charles Nelson Reilly is _______

  7. On my Business Card

  8. An appropriate media for my new art project

  9. The embodiment of virtue

  10. The "extra magic" in my pepper mill

  11. All I did was touch it and now I've got ______

  12. If Tony weren't running Apples online, he'd be ______

Round 123

  1. Mary took the lamb to ____ one day; that was against the rule;

  2. Suggest a friendlier name for the "Sunni Triangle of Death"

  3. My magic camera only takes pictures of ______

  4. Found at the top of the pyramid

  5. I for one am glad it closed

  6. Sorry I didn't have time to submit Apples answers this week, I was ______

  7. Questionable Marketing Idea #25: concrete ______

  8. Colorful

  9. Part of my court ordered community service

  10. This looks like a job for _____!

  11. The latest fad: _____ racing

  12. The updated four ______ of the apocalypse

Round 124

  1. Disturbingly soothing

  2. ______ keeps door-to-door evangelists away

  3. I can't believe it's not ______

  4. My Xmas cards this year will feature _____

  5. It looks like the ______ have been eating the garden again...

  6. To increase my income, I'm thinking about getting a certification in ______

  7. Send it back; it's too _____

  8. Can't live without it

  9. Unusual feature in Paris Hilton's Jail cell

  10. ______ revealed to be a hoax

  11. What they really used to make repairs on the space shuttle

  12. Hard to hold onto:

And a late entry from 123:

Round 125

  1. For the spice girl's upcoming reunion tour, they've added a new member. ____ Spice

  2. New Theme for a classic Game: ______ twister

  3. A metaphor for my life

  4. I planted _____ this year, but they don't seem to be doing anything

  5. Circular

  6. Distressing, yet weirdly amusing

  7. Never sold by itself

  8. Bad name for a wine

  9. Book title: Death of ______

  10. Should have its own uniform:

  11. A quick way to end an argument

  12. Suggest a plot twist for a new superhero movie

Round 126

  1. Strange continuity error in the latest Harry Potter movie

  2. Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid

  3. The confused scientist devoted his life to _______

  4. I'm too ashamed to reveal I joined the ______-of-the-Month Club

  5. I just found ____ growing out in the yard

  6. Don't mention ______ to your mother

  7. Place to avoid

  8. Never before seen on the Internet

  9. My online avatar's special ability

  10. Questionable Marketing Idea #27: a magazine for ______

  11. Wavy

  12. Failed to make the cut in the new seven wonders competition

Round 127

  1. The picture of _____ has obviously been digitally retouched

  2. What a glorious day for _____

  3. Singularly unimpressive

  4. Shouldn't be made from metal

  5. Relax, turn off your mind, and float down the stream, ______

  6. Slippery

  7. Latest tool in the war on terror

  8. What Torsten plans to make with all the ruby combings (Dog hair) he's collected

  9. The following unhygienic behaviors will no longer be tolerated:

  10. I no longer go out alone at night because _____

  11. Bad idea for a new Olympic sport:

  12. Surprising evidence that will finally result in the Bush Impeachment

Round 128

  1. Should be a Street Sign: Caution! Entering ______ Zone

  2. What will probably result in getting me sent to Guantanamo:

  3. An easy way to tell if someone is a politician

  4. Lamest defense mechanism in the animal kingdom

  5. You're invited to a ______ party

  6. "We can escape from this! All we need is ________!"

  7. During the political debate, a candidate shocked the audience by mentioning _____

  8. Whenever I don't know the answer, I just ________

  9. Entertaining

  10. Surprising place to find a microchip

  11. Don't touch it, it's delicate

  12. Never available in blue

Round 129

  1. Seldom used feature on most cellphones

  2. My new get-rich-quick scheme involves _____

  3. Questionable Marketing Idea #28: abrasive ______

  4. If it's Tuesday, it must be ______

  5. Events for the updated modern pentathlon

  6. That does it: I'm joining the ______ Awareness Movement

  7. It was on my summer reading list, but I haven't gotten around to it yet

  8. Comes with all the fixin's

  9. Poorly translated insult: You possess the fragrance of ______

  10. Not as crunchy as advertised

  11. When I don't want to use my real name I use ______

  12. Tabloid headline; aliens discovered that look human except for ______

Round 130

  1. After days without water, the shipwrecked castaway began to hallucinate ________

  2. What I'll be singing on "American Idol":

  3. I'm getting everybody ______ for Xmas.

  4. ______ is the sincerest form of flattery

  5. 97% fat free:

  6. The evil clown's car was filled with ______

  7. Next week on Jerry Springer:

  8. A roadside attraction you should avoid:

  9. The mad scientist's neighbor was constantly complaining about ______

  10. You don't have to do anything, it's totally automatic:

  11. Sordid secret revealed at my last family reunion:

  12. Black and White:

Round 131

  1. Seen at Oktoberfest

  2. My standard defense in court

  3. Recent example of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in action

  4. My Halloween costume

  5. Made of leather

  6. Questionable Marketing Idea #29: heat-seeking ______

  7. A fun off-label use for surgical equipment

  8. Completely unnecessary

  9. A punch line that needs no joke

  10. An odd bequest in my will

  11. I was searching for _____ but I found porn instead

  12. I got it cheep, the previous owner was desperate to get rid of it.

Round 132

  1. A film-noir style metaphor for being knocked unconscious

  2. Not often found in an orchestra

  3. I know it's dangerous, but I just can't stop

  4. Can I get it in a size 6?

  5. The surprise witness for the defense

  6. Run for your lives! ______ is coming this way!

  7. Cartoon sound effect for somebody falling into a pile of fish

  8. I had no idea that so much of the money spent in Iraq goes to _______

  9. At the first sign of trouble, raise ________

  10. Seen down on the Farm

  11. Some see the glass half full. Others see the glass half empty. I see ______

  12. Winner of the first Robo-Appliance 400

Round 133

  1. New name for a bathroom paint color:

  2. Excuse given to officer for speeding: I was just _____

  3. Help Wanted: Henchmen. Must have own ______.

  4. Soon to be legal

  5. Worth apologizing for later

  6. Natural enemies

  7. I've trained my cat to _____ on command

  8. Sign of autumn

  9. Scientists have discovered a region of space where there is no ________

  10. New Cartoon Mascot for the war in Iraq

  11. The must have accessory for the well-dressed Ninja

  12. Inevitable fan fiction: Harry Potter and the quest for _______

Round 134

  1. I'm combating global warming by ______

  2. Britney's next move that will have her on the cover of the tabloids:

  3. What cats are thinking when they stare into space?

  4. I'm so embarrassed. The last time I had guests over; ______ turned black and fell off

  5. Preserved in ______ to prevent spoilage

  6. Almost fits in my mouth

  7. An animal it's hard to be afraid of

  8. My new diet: I can eat anything I want as long as its _______

  9. That shouldn't require medical attention

  10. Square

  11. Located in Mordor

  12. Unusual credit at the end of a movie

Round 135

  1. I regularly have _____ shipped in from Canada

  2. What I gave out to kids for Hallowe'en:

  3. How to get rid of roaches:

  4. Available in pink, beige, or blue chrome

  5. Folk song subject

  6. Good name for a bar that caters to scientists

  7. Name of a Smurf who never appeared on the show: _____ Smurf

  8. Fate of antihero in pulp novella:

  9. Pop song: My Baby's a ______

  10. Confusing Job Requirement: must have experience with ______

  11. A change that will bring fans back to basketball

  12. Dumbledore's final secret

Round 136

  1. Not for medical use

  2. To celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day, I blew up ______

  3. IQ Test Question #3: weasels are to hydraulics as Tony Neff is to _______

  4. What Snap, Crackle & Pop are doing, now that they're not in commercials so much?

  5. My favorite Barbie

  6. The forbidden dance

  7. According to my e-meter rating I'm ______

  8. What I've learned about aliens from watching Movies and TV

  9. No Shoes, No _____; no service!

  10. The best thing to do is pretend it doesn't exist

  11. I need a noun to finish up a Mad Lib

  12. Likely to be misinterpreted

Round 137

  1. Define: disquandulent

  2. Rantworthy

  3. Too cheap for the dollar store

  4. Another use for pencils

  5. Spiny

  6. How to spot Torsten when he's disguised

  7. New must-have hygiene product:

  8. Why I'm not going to the office Xmas party:

  9. What I'm going to wear to the office Xmas party, if I decide to go after all:

  10. Not quite an exact match

  11. Don't try to do it yourself; you really need to hire a professional

  12. Post Thanksgiving dinner tradition

Round 138

  1. Common injury among rodeo clowns;

  2. Available cheep at many garage sales

  3. "Please, m'lord, do not vex her! Can you not see she's ______?"

  4. It's stuck; whack it with ______

  5. Revenge of the ______

  6. Fun Fact: Tony was born without a ______

  7. Fun Fact: When Mark was in grade school, he took 1st prize in _____

  8. Shouldn't be swallowed whole

  9. The scent of ______ takes me back to my childhood

  10. How to tell if your date is an alien:

  11. My mechanic said my car wouldn't start because ____

  12. I wouldn't have one in the house:

Round 139

  1. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and _____

  2. Conceptual:

  3. Define: vargle:

  4. I've invented a new _____ that's going to make me rich

  5. The secret to happiness (as seen on TV sitcoms):

  6. A new motto for the CIA (currently "The truth shall set you free."):

  7. In a technologic breakthrough, a robot has been developed that can _______

  8. Bad Title for a children's book:

  9. Rejected Xmas tree ornaments:

  10. Why Santa is losing weight:

  11. I need to finish it before the end of the year:

  12. difficult to master:

Round 140

  1. Political Party that didn't make it

  2. I especially liked the ____ I got for Xmas.

  3. A riddle: Everybody gets me, but nobody wants me, and when they have me, they don't know it--what am I? _____

  4. Non-Traditional Item(s) used in an exorcism

  5. Requires suspension of disbelief

  6. A character cut out of this summer's Sci-Fi Blockbuster Movie

  7. A high-level overview on the status of 'Project X'

  8. My New Years Resolution: I'm giving up _____

  9. I can't believe you ______ without safety equipment

  10. A really bad name for a medical device or procedure

  11. I base all my financial decisions on _______

  12. Define: frelict

Round 141

  1. Failed latte flavor

  2. Bad name for a girl

  3. I've never seen that on a billboard before

  4. It's the only way to be sure

  5. I've washed it and washed it, but the ______ won't come out

  6. A missing chapter from 'The dangerous book for boys'

  7. It has the scent of kiwi and strawberry with just a hint of wet dog

  8. Good name for a poker game

  9. I didn't expect to see ______ at the funeral

  10. Has proved too chaotic to model accurately

  11. I'm baffled by the lack of a follow-up to _______

  12. Augustus Hare wrote: "Half the failures of this world arise from pulling in one's horse as he is leaping." The other half are caused by ____

Round 142

  1. Has too much money

  2. Likes to make an entrance

  3. Awesome magic weapon

  4. Uh, is everyone aware the ______ is leaking?

  5. Needs a little bit more seasoning

  6. Unexpected source of spiritual guidance

  7. Define: driclabblered

  8. Another use for gum

  9. Questionable Marketing Idea #30: glitter-coated ______

  10. Famous dog from history

  11. My taxes are complicated; most of my income comes from ______

  12. It costs a little more, but I'm worth it

Round 143

  1. Another use for prime numbers

  2. Suspicious behavior: Waiting in line with _____

  3. In the opera's second act the setting changes to ______

  4. An Overwhelming Force

  5. You know you've done it right when ______

  6. Even after all these years I'm still not used to it

  7. Found in a pharmacy

  8. Cardboardy

  9. How you can tell when a clown has gone bad

  10. I can't go to the movies anymore; the ushers caught me sneaking _____ into the theater

  11. Why my band didn't make it

  12. I'm not sure how to react; an anonymous admirer sent me ______ for Valentines Day

Round 144

  1. Her hair was like ____

  2. My parents were adamantly opposed to my becoming a/an ____

  3. It's time we took off the _____ and got down to business

  4. Makes too much noise

  5. Stays fresh for months if stored properly

  6. Makes me sneeze

  7. To make a meal extra special, I serve it with _____

  8. A new feature that should be in a search engine

  9. Archaic

  10. The drama intensifies in the third act when our hero and heroine are separated by ______

  11. A sure sign something bad is going to happen

  12. Task I dread

Round 145

  1. My preferred source of most of life's necessities

  2. I'd bet it'd blowed up real good

  3. The only logical conclusion is that it's not really there

  4. Takes up too much space

  5. First line of my new SciFi Novel: "The entire space cruiser shook violently when the captain activated the ______"

  6. Source material for the latest hit musical comedy

  7. Available in a resealable packet

  8. In the climax of the opera, hundreds of singing and dancing ______ march onto the stage

  9. Today marks the official start of _____ season

  10. I always order lunch with ______ on the side

  11. In order to join the pirate crew, each man has to prove his worth by _______

  12. The new gizmo that all the mad scientists want

Round 146

  1. Title of a musical comedy set in the Star Wars Universe

  2. Squirrelly

  3. I wouldn't touch it with ______

  4. An impractical gift

  5. Makes people nervous just by its presence

  6. Might save your life one day

  7. Unholy kitchen hybrid

  8. After the curtain, the audience was shocked when ______ took a bow

  9. Innovative use for a Möbius Strip

  10. Can go bad if you leave it out

  11. Needs a mustache

  12. Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ________

Round 147

  1. Wayne, the reformed zombie, only eats _____

  2. Surprising title for a popup book

  3. Rock Band sequel: ______ Band

  4. Not of human origin

  5. Silvery

  6. Annoyingly attractive

  7. I guess I'm just a little bit too old to appreciate _______

  8. My lawyer has advised me that this email requires the following warning:

  9. That odd smell that I couldn't identify for months turned out to be ______

  10. Fun Fact: Tony reacts to _____ just like superman and kryptonite

  11. I'm not surprised there's no _____ here

  12. New alternative fuel

Round 148

  1. The title of my book, rejected by all publishers

  2. My next elective surgery, just for the heck of it

  3. Washed-up

  4. What I wear when I really want to look nice for a night on the town

  5. The mad scientist's death ray had one minor problem, it _____

  6. There is no question #6

  7. Little known Presidential election law states; in the case of a tie, the election is decided by _____

  8. It breaks a lot, but it's easy to fix

  9. To boost sagging ratings, new American Idol contestants will be required to ______

  10. New theme for a monopoly set

  11. In a surprise move John McCain selects ______ as his running mate

  12. Fun Fact: Mark holds several patents relating to _____

Round 149

  1. Too complex to occur naturally

  2. Grumplicious

  3. My pharmacist mistakenly filled my prescription with ______

  4. 16th most popular wedding dance

  5. Engineering fiasco: the new bridge was too dangerous because ______

  6. Too dark for my taste

  7. What I did with my old CRT monitors

  8. Anything is possible if you _______

  9. Not to sound critical, but _______

  10. I can't go to the movies this weekend because ______

  11. Clamp. Scalpel. Forceps. ______.

  12. Tell that to kids these days and they won't believe you

Round 150

  1. Alternative medical Treatment

  2. Sure to elevate the threat level

  3. This would be a lot easier if everyone would just ______

  4. Favorite Hobby of politicians

  5. Consolation prize for the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary

  6. Something you don't want to discover while reading the directions

  7. I'm a charter member of the fraternal order of ______

  8. Fractured Fairy Tale: the boy who cried ______

  9. It's not a pony; you've got the picture upside down

  10. My plans for the TonyApples sesquicentennial involve ______

  11. I don't know why this post-it note on my fridge says "___"

  12. Cheezy

Round 151

  1. Fractured Fairy Tale: little Bo Peep and ______

  2. There's a very good reason monkeys don't wear _______

  3. Surprisingly; I've discovered that ______ relieves my hay fever

  4. Yesterday was so hot that _______ melted

  5. Could make an interesting hat

  6. 97% salmonella-free

  7. Not grown locally

  8. Questionable marketing Idea #31: caffeinated ________

  9. You're not really a vegetarian if you eat ______

  10. Underappreciated use of ice

  11. Overkill

  12. Reminiscent of the Old Testament

Round 152

  1. The next thing airlines will be charging fees for:

  2. Found in the fine print

  3. Little-known fact: sharks won't eat _____

  4. Worse than ebola:

  5. I'm so tired I can't even ______

  6. Fractured Fairy tale: Snow White and the seven ________

  7. When I need extra protection, I use ______

  8. The squeaky wheel gets ______

  9. It needs to be replaced; my old one is ten years old

  10. I'd pay good money to see Torsten wrestle ______

  11. Why, that's almost as big as Torsten's ______

  12. Telltale sign that Torsten's been around

Round 153

  1. My secret super-hero identity is ______

  2. I should have expected to find ______ in the library

  3. If I were taller, I'd ______

  4. There should be a ______ Fairy

  5. My doctor says I've got too much ______ in my blood

  6. Good biscuits, man! You can't ______ here!

  7. Its not really camping if you bring along _____

  8. Fractured Fairy Tale: ______and the three bears

  9. The slightly misleading name of the mad scientist's new invention

  10. They cancel each other out

  11. 5 am at the supermarket is the right time for ______

  12. This would be a lot more fun if Tony would add some _______

Round 154

  1. The latest addition to my toolbox

  2. I found out what was plugging the drain--_______

  3. A legacy of my reckless youth

  4. An easy way to frighten children is to tell them about _____

  5. Increases the pressure

  6. Playing Tony's apples has taught me a lot about _______

  7. Shattered my Olympic dreams

  8. Should be dropped from the Olympics

  9. Landmark used for giving directions

More lines from my sci-fi novel

  1. The planet was classified Zed-Omega, suitable only for _____

  2. The pilot failed to negotiate the maneuver, lost control and crashed into _____

  3. He gasped as the alien creature pulled out _____

Round 155

  1. Define: "neffulate"

  2. Found under my desk

  3. Crikey, Alan, do you think Mother will ever ______?

  4. What you'll actually find in heaven:

  5. My excuse for calling in to work THIS time:

  6. Purrs like a kitten

  7. Takes a special connector

  8. I don't want to think about it

  9. It's not a gay wedding without ______

  10. Motto for the Tony's apples mailing list: ______

More lines for my sci-fi novel

  1. To the new recruit, the alien language sounded like ______

  2. After the sudden loss of power, they began to slowly drift into ______

Round 156

  1. The alien device began to buzz and vibrate like _____

  2. Never enough to go around

  3. Its just _____; you don't require medical attention

  4. The walls are extra thick, specifically designed to ______

  5. From the big book of nifty concepts, page 37:

  6. More complicated than it should be

  7. Define: flapgastic

  8. I've always wanted to name a pet _____; but I've never had the nerve

  9. I left it off my resume

  10. Non-Traditional Item(s) to bring to a going away party

  11. Tabloid Headline: McCain & Palin endorsed by _______

  12. Tabloid Headline: Obama & Biden attacked by ______

Round 157

  1. In preparation for Halloween I've put ______ in the front yard

  2. Soon to be available on the iPhone

  3. Rather than another debate, the candidates are going to compete with ______

  4. Buried in the official disclaimer for Tony's apples

  5. Since the stock market is doing so poorly, I've decided to move my savings to _____

  6. The doohickey I just can't live without

  7. Household hint: add ____ to your laundry for that fresh scent

  8. A sure sign its October

  9. When in doubt, blame it on ______

  10. Lacking siege weapons, the invading barbarians depended on _____

  11. Apart from being illegal and immoral, it is delicious

  12. The true reason McCain put Palin on the ticket

Round 158

  1. Requires an onion

  2. Before graduating from Clown College, students are required to _____

  3. I say, Reginald old chum, would you have ______ handy?

  4. Comes in a drum

  5. Undocumented Prayer Powder side effect

  6. If you keep picking at it; it'll never ______

  7. Name of a team of adventurers

  8. The first to die in a horror movie

  9. A waste of time

  10. Unlikely to ever appear on "Dancing with the Stars"

  11. It floats to the top

  12. Carried for Self Defense

Round 159

  1. Snoutable

  2. Requires cheese

  3. Too close for comfort

  4. Why I stay up much too late

  5. Another use for a duck

  6. Muppet who never made it onto TV or the movies

  7. The first sign of trouble

  8. Made out of a cardboard box

  9. My favorite hiding place

  10. Not of this world

  11. Its not my fault the project won't be done on time. I blame _____

  12. Rejected sidekick name

Round 160

  1. Shorter than 2'

  2. Needs a FAQ

  3. Newly unemployed

  4. The ideal implement to use when you need to knock some sense into someone

  5. My prediction for the New Year

  6. When I really want to scare people I put on ______

  7. Stuck to the bottom of my shoe

  8. Home is where _______ is

  9. The first thing I check when I wake up in the morning

  10. Beautiful and ominous

  11. Too Hairy

  12. Riddle me this. What do: a car, a nice hot cup of tea, a Christmas tree, and shame have in common?

Round 161

  1. That's not meant to be eaten

  2. No U-Tube video clip is complete without ______

  3. Smells like victory

  4. I don't have the time to _____ like I used to

  5. My parents were very strict; I wasn't permitted to ______ until I was 16 years old

  6. Its bad luck to see _____

  7. Questionable Marketing Idea: Arctic Ice ______

  8. Blissful

  9. I only need one more ______ to complete my collection

  10. It's not really goofing off if you use _______

  11. In chapter 7, our hero escapes capture by hiding in _____

  12. Then, in chapter 8 he spends several weeks in Buenos Aires disguised as _____

Round 162

  1. Emergency Party Food

  2. What the super-villain *should* have done

  3. No. Just... no.

  4. It's not in hell, but you can see hell from there

  5. I couldn't find the deodorant so I used ____ instead

  6. Unjustly omitted from Wikipedia

  7. To determine its age, just cut it in half and count the rings

  8. Lost in a fog

  9. Buying ______ online didn't work as well as I had hoped

  10. How nature says "Do not touch!"

  11. Chapter 9 wherein our hero travels by _____ in pursuit of the evil Dr. Nox

  12. Culminating (in chapter 10) with a climatic battle atop _____

Round 163

  1. Title of a romance novel: ______ of Paradise

  2. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind ______?

  3. Unique feature of my childhood imaginary friend

  4. Next role for Florence Henderson

  5. Must be completed before the sun goes down

  6. The first thing you see upon entering the GW Bush presidential library

  7. What should congress really do with all that stimulus money?

  8. A good prank always includes ______

  9. New to science: the unified ______ theory

  10. Not for the faint of heart

  11. Chapter 11: Dr. Nox grabs _____ and makes his escape into the badlands

  12. Chapter 12: An interlude; two soldiers on guard discuss ______

Round 164

  1. The 'Neff' scale is used to measure

  2. What is it Lassie? Timmy's where?

  3. One of the lesser-known gods

  4. The real reason that all the smurfs were blue

  5. I found it in the library

  6. Charmingly Unsophisticated

  7. I was surprised to find ______ had a USB port

  8. Tony's Rules of Finance #1: Never ______

  9. A little known creation of wacky victorian inventor Abner Hughes

  10. The doc says I have a spare

  11. chapter 13: Our hero is reunited with _____

  12. chapter 14: the secret _____ of Dr. Nox

Round 165

  1. Found amidst the ruins

  2. A little _____ helps me get going in the morning

  3. Costumed vigilante left out of the watchmen

  4. The grand prize

  5. Flat as _____/Flatter than _____

  6. A possible solution to global climate change, harness the power of ______

  7. "I'm sorry, sir; the rules of the club do not allow ______"

  8. It's collapse is imminent

  9. Tony's last TonyApples was late because ______

  10. Tony's Rules of Finance, #2: ______ is usually a good time to invest

  11. Chapter 15: The fury of a thousand ______ is unleashed

  12. Chapter 16: A mob forms and carries _____ to the castle

Round 166

  1. "...but the joke is, he was ______ at the time!"

  2. Torsten's Rules of Etiquette: Always offer guests ______

  3. Childish

  4. Nominate the next Supreme Court justice

  5. If it's not ______, it's crap

  6. They're evil and bent on world domination

  7. Adds a bit of drama

  8. Its easy to get them confused

  9. Nothing says 'Summer' like the appearance of the year's first ______

  10. Nobody expects ______!

  11. Chapter 17: As the castle burns, ______ appears on the parapet

  12. Chapter 18: the doctor's mechanical _______ demolishes the village in retribution

Round 167

  1. The most feared phase/phrase in the English Language

  2. Tony's recently become a spokesman for ______

  3. Juggleable

  4. Well, there's a cute story behind that. It all started when I met ______...

  5. It's sweeping the nation

  6. when all else fails, call ______

  7. pungent

  8. Hat accessory

  9. You never told me your were a ______ dancer

  10. "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" "I think so, but _____"

  11. Chapter 19: Dr Nox completes his _____-ray

  12. Chapter 20: Our hero learns the secret fighting techniques of _____

Round 168

  1. The Fantastic Voyages of ______

  2. I'm building my dream house out of ______

  3. It's better with wine

  4. Zap! Pow! Bam! ______!

  5. You call it abstract art, but to me it looks like ______

  6. It really brightens up the place

  7. The final phrase in the magical incantation

  8. Alternate use for fireworks

  9. The perfect Birthday Present for Torsten

  10. Lets make an example of him/her/them

  11. Horror Movie Premise: demonic parasites that feed on ______

  12. Should be a swearword

Round 169

  1. Brings a smile

  2. Lately I've been rediscovering the pleasures of ______

  3. You can tell she's a villainess, she's got ______

  4. Unforgivable

  5. I'm too ______ to answer Tonyapples

  6. some assembly required

  7. gassy

  8. I wouldn't have expected ______ to explode

  9. Curiously, They don't make an iPhone app for ______ yet

  10. Made from 50% recycled material

  11. Chapter 21: our hero is once again captured by Dr. Nox and force to endure _____

  12. Chapter 22: a flashback reveals what started Dr. Nox on his path to evil

Round 170

  1. After my audit, the IRS gave me _______

  2. Tragically delicious

  3. My secret "I'm being kidnapped" signal

  4. Latest source material for Cosplay

  5. Needs to be explained to youngsters: There used to be a thing called ______

  6. No more Bulls and Bears, the new symbol for today's stock market is _____

  7. define: beflibbered

  8. needs to be rebooted

  9. I think the yogurt's gone bad, it smells like _____

  10. Latest trend in micro-brews; beer with _____ in it

  11. Our Hero: "who shall ever break the seal is destined to a life of _____"

  12. Dr. Nox: "To truly warp the laws of nature requires ______"

Round 171

  1. I'm gonna get me a boat and sail to _____

  2. Sugar substitute

  3. Usually found in my vicinity

  4. You can't fool me again. This time, before I do anything else, I use ______

  5. Never in a million lifeti... oh, okay

  6. Unlikely goggle search phrase

  7. Needs a "best if used by" date

  8. An impractical wedding present

  9. "What's in a name? That which we call _____ by any other name would smell as sweet."

  10. Isn't all that bad, when done properly by professionals

  11. Its better with Zombies

  12. Seeing ______ used to be shocking

Round 172

  1. After I confessed my sins, the priest gave me ______

  2. The army has gotten so desperate for recruits they've started accepting _______

  3. Today's Forecast: Partially cloudy with periods of _______

  4. What the Jedi knight used when he couldn't find his lightsaber

  5. Collecting animals is passe; I'm hoarding ______

  6. You'll need to talk with a lawyer about that

  7. Too French for me

  8. Milord be careful, yon tower is guarded by the legendary ________

  9. A fixture at weddings and family reunions

  10. Dreams should never include _______

  11. She's got an annoying laugh that sounds like _______

  12. Dot Krezy Game vere Dey Hit Stuff Mit Sticks

Round 173

  1. A hot job prospect: ______-wrangler

  2. It deters thieves

  3. It has a robust bouquet with hints of lavender and apricot; ideal for serving with ______

  4. New arcade game: whack-a-_______

  5. Inexpensive but not cheap

  6. The restraining order says I can't get within 50 feet of ________

  7. Strangely unpopular kids show

  8. Popular tourist destination

  9. Won't fit in my refrigerator

  10. I got it from a Neff

  11. Goes "poink"

  12. First we get the money, then we get the power, then we get _____

Round 174

  1. An adjective that needs a revival

  2. Greasy

  3. Forgotten '70s home craft project

  4. Most people aren't aware that it's completely ineffective

  5. After three days without sleep, I started seeing ______

  6. Unique feature of Ted Haggard's new Church

  7. Could be a little greener

  8. Hard to get rid of

  9. 2010 marks the last year of ______

  10. My family crest features crossed-________

  11. To stay out of debt, he reluctantly sold _____

  12. Due to a typo in the Blue-Prints; the building was constructed with _______

Round 175

  1. A carnival ride you almost never see at the fair these days

  2. "Well here's your problem. You've got _____ in the engine"

  3. Rejected plan to stop the oil leak

  4. What comes next in this sequence: Letters, email, text-messages...

  5. Should come in a different color

  6. Always happens in threes

  7. I was warned about possible side effects, but I never expected _______

  8. I would have gotten away with it; if it weren't for you meddling ________

  9. Do not use indoors or without proper ventilation

  10. Silky

  11. Violates the licensing agreement

  12. Disappointing Prize found in a cereal box

Round 176

  1. George Bush wasn't and neither are you

  2. Instead of serving jail time, the judge ordered him ______

  3. How did that end up on youtube?

  4. Buried in the sand

  5. Comic book sound effect word(s) for when a machine breaks down

  6. Misleading information on my resume

  7. Redundant

  8. You Call It: next celebrity scandal

  9. Every party needs ______

  10. Should be open on Sunday

  11. There's no app for that

  12. What's wrong with tonyapples

Round 177

  1. I'm too tired to ______

  2. Failed to make the cut

  3. A recent addition to my repertoire

  4. I got an email that says _____ and now I don't know what to do

  5. Moose shaped

  6. I don't think this carpenter knows what he's doing; he's using ____ to drive nails.

  7. The only way it could be worse were if _________

  8. What has Harry Potter been doing since the end of the last book?

  9. The names were changed to protect the innocent

  10. The movie title that most closely resembles my life

  11. Pickup line: Didn't you used to ______?

  12. Non-traditional item(s) in my first-aid kit

Round 178

  1. Needs a 'Do Not Eat' warning label

  2. Looks good in theory, but fails in practice

  3. Passed Over

  4. Rarely seen now; but will be common in ten years

  5. Stuck in the mud

  6. Exclamation used while playing a game

  7. My favorite 1940s radio serial

  8. Creamy, dreamy, maybe a little screamy

  9. Cutting-edge documentary topic

  10. Secret Passage Location

  11. Now available for the Wii

  12. Strangely absent from '500 places to see before you die'

Round 179

  1. I found it in a well

  2. The top prize in this year's Tony's Apples Competition

  3. How to find Tony when playing hide and seek

  4. Injury common to Gamers

  5. Prank that's sure to result in police intervention

  6. When did a ______ button appear on my remote control?

  7. Questionable Marketing Idea #32: iridescent ______

  8. It helps me concentrate

  9. Mismatched

  10. The latest development in camping gear

  11. Will keep for months in the freezer

  12. When I really need good advice I turn to ______

Round 180

  1. I can't understand you, could you _______

  2. Can only be done properly by hand

  3. The reason it's so difficult to get a clear picture of the aliens

  4. I'm not proud of it, but many years ago, I worked briefly as a ______

  5. Reminiscent of a Shakespearian Tragedy

  6. Started me on the path to enlightenment

  7. I only keep it around for Sentimental reasons

  8. Of questionable authenticity

  9. The wowbagger is a unit of measure for ______

  10. Slogan seen on a button

  11. An old family tradition

  12. Party favor

Round 181

  1. Unusual target for a robbery

  2. Questionable Marketing Idea #33: Musical ______

  3. Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master

  4. It's too big

  5. Betcha' can't eat just one

  6. Science made the death ray, Mad Science made it ______

  7. I don't care. Write whatever you want

  8. Still can't get cell coverage there

  9. Reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoon

  10. A bad Idea: a game that combines twister and ______

  11. I'm attending a ______ convention next weekend

  12. I save time and money by traveling by _______

Round 182

  1. Surprisingly Aerodynamic

  2. It keeps the ants out of my kitchen

  3. My bicycle is equipped with _____ in case of emergency

  4. A lawsuit waiting to happen

  5. My Favorite Oktoberfest activity

  6. Are you sure that's not a typo?

  7. How the last surviving Beatle will bite it

  8. Next on "CSI: Corvallis"

  9. Guaranteed 100% hypoallergenic

  10. The next step in my Ninja training

  11. Torsten's Happy Place

  12. Don't pick your teeth with that

Round 183

  1. Suitable for Framing

  2. An untestable hypothesis

  3. If you see ______, you should slow down

  4. How to make a splash

  5. The big hit at this year's Mad Science trade show: the ______-ulator

  6. Belongs in the compost

  7. Good for you and the environment

  8. 27th in the series

  9. You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it ______

  10. One out of five dentists recommends ______ for oral hygiene

  11. An era untouched by reenactors

  12. I'm such a Beavers fan; I've got orange and black ______

Round 184

  1. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get there

  2. Sounds better in French

  3. Scuba-diving find

  4. I'd do it more often, but it's a pain to clean up afterwards

  5. Radiant

  6. Won't you please, think of ______!

  7. An annoying word

  8. Questionable Marketing Idea #34: instant ______

  9. A sign hanging in my workplace

  10. They should scrap it and start over from scratch

  11. I didn't expect to see an entry from ________ in this year's voters' Pamphlet

  12. Something I wish I could buy in bulk

Round 185

  1. Improvised kitchen utensil

  2. What Tony got for this 50th birthday?

  3. Model name for Goggle's autonomous Car

  4. I'd like to put _____ in the front yard, but I'm afraid of what the neighbors would say

  5. Worst excuse for a Halloween Costume

  6. I do not think that word means what you think it means

  7. Something you really shouldn't hear in a wedding vow

  8. I'm sniggering at it because it's cheap

  9. I thought I was being careful, but as it turned out I was _______

  10. All the world's a stage and all the men and women are merely _____

  11. After carefully researching my options; I ended up voting for ______

  12. You really should see a doctor about that

Round 186

  1. Not very accurate

  2. I haven't personally tried it, but I like how it looks

  3. Surefire way to destroy a cell-phone

  4. Unpopular crayon color

  5. A falling star! Make a wish!

  6. This is unusable; it's covered in ______

  7. The movie title that most closely describes my love life

  8. What they don't tell you in Hero School

  9. The world would be a better place if everyone had some ______

  10. The *real* reason leaves turn colors

  11. Made with 100% natural ingredients

  12. Improvised musical instrument

Round 187

  1. Suggest a name for my wireless network

  2. Aberrant Behavior

  3. If you were a porn star what would your porn star name be?

  4. Recently downgraded to a misdemeanor

  5. Gosh, I didn't realize the TSA would think ______ was incriminating

  6. Fits in a hat

  7. When work is slow, I sneak out back and ______

  8. In preparation for the holidays, I've hung up ______

  9. at the far side of the labyrinth

  10. Early drafts of the Constitution included ________

  11. You darn kids; get off my _______

  12. I hoped it would catch on, but it never did

Round 188

  1. Requires additional information

  2. Completes my winter ensemble

  3. Holiday-related nightmare fuel

  4. It indicates the peak of ripeness

  5. Steamy

  6. On the first day of winter my true love gave to me...

  7. A character edited out of the latest Harry Potter movie

  8. Seasonal Stress Disorder home remedy

  9. Holiday Special I can't wait to see on TV

  10. New Year's resolution: in 2011, I ______

  11. That's not a real holiday

  12. Looks funny in Charades

Round 189

  1. We need a break. Helmsman, set the course for ______

  2. The result of playing church hymns backwards

  3. Unshakeable

  4. Less than the sum of its parts

  5. Why you can't get there from here

  6. The new iPhone comes with a _____ setting

  7. I never would've guessed that the secret ingredient for my mother's prize-winning egg salad recipe was _____.

  8. A new use for rubbing alcohol

  9. Surprising new revelation about Sarah Palin that may finally knock her out of the public eye

  10. My crime-fighting sidekick

  11. When I stepped out of the airport security scanner, the TSA agent ______

  12. The reason my computer's been crashing a lot lately

Round 190

  1. Further sign of my genius

  2. Steven King's running out of ideas; I don't hold much hope for a horror novel about ______.

  3. I'm not a fighter, I'm a _______

  4. Hard to swallow

  5. There ought to be a law against it