Rogue River Canyon Backpacking Trip

Easter/Earth Day Weekend, April 21-23, 2000

2000-04-21 Linda and JoAnne preparing for backpacking.JPG (201778 bytes) Linda and JoAnne preparing to begin backpacking.
2000-04-21 JoAnne and Linda negotiate a tricky crossing.JPG (439989 bytes) JoAnne and Linda negotiate a tricky crossing.
2000-04-21 JoAnne drowning under historical water level.JPG (215918 bytes) JoAnne drowning under the historical water level.
2000-04-21 Visiting the historical mining shack.JPG (217093 bytes) After setting up camp, we took a short walk to visit the historic Whisky Creek mining cabin.
2000-04-21 Cocktail Hour.JPG (218395 bytes) "Cocktail hour" near the aptly-named Whisky Creek.
2000-04-22 Abandoned Mine.JPG (217054 bytes) 2000-04-22 Abandoned Mine2.JPG (282903 bytes) 2000-04-22 Torsten at abandoned mine.jpg (225009 bytes) 2000-04-22 Colapsed mine.JPG (451598 bytes) On Saturday, Linda and I day hiked and came across several abandoned mines on a hill near Whisky Creek.
2000-04-22 Linda in the warm sun.JPG (217062 bytes) 2000-04-22 Linda contemplating an old sign.JPG (209963 bytes) Linda warming in the sun, and then contemplating an old sign.
2000-04-21 Wildflower on cliff.JPG (297544 bytes) 2000-04-22 Wildflowers everywhere.JPG (398437 bytes) Oodles of beautiful wildflowers everywhere!
2000-04-22 Torsten at Russian Creek.JPG (474427 bytes) Torsten at Russian Creek.
2000-04-22 Rogue River.JPG (307216 bytes) 2000-04-22 Rogue River boaters.JPG 
(201206 bytes) 2000-04-22 Rogue River boaters2.JPG 
(204303 bytes) The Rogue River and some of the many boaters that floated by during the afternoon.
2000-04-23 Drying the tents.JPG (209470 bytes) 2000-04-23 JoAnne and Linda preparing to leave camp.JPG (209903 bytes) 2000-04-23 Linda & Joann Silly Panorama.jpg (1174512 bytes) Drying the tents and preparing to leave camp on Sunday morning.  Including a silly panorama of JoAnnes and Lindas.
2000-04-23 Silly Linda at poison oak barrier.JPG (411048 bytes)  Linda sucking on her water behind a poison oak barrier.
2000-04-23 Linda and JoAnne breaking at China Gulch.JPG (213754 bytes) Taking a break at China Gulch.
2000-04-23 Historical Wolf Creek Inn.JPG (203998 bytes) The historic Wolf Creek Tavern.  What's that accent doing over the "n" in cuisine?