Florida Trip

March 6-10, 2001

Sunrise at Portland airport.

Karen and I visted De Soto Park, just down the street from Karen and Del's apartment.

At Joan Durante Park with Karen.

Karen in her baren computer/guest room.

Lunch with Karen.

Karen and I visit the Pelican Man bird sanctuary.

Karen and I visit the Ringling Brothers grounds.

Karen and I spend the whole day at Bush Gardens. I had a most excellent time.

After returning from Bush Gardens, Del surprises Karen with a new dog named Maggie.

Karen and I visited the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Gee, that coral almost looks real...not.

Spent the Saturday with Del and Karen. Starting with a breakfast of catfish, shrimp and french fries, then a visit to the remains of Braden Castle, riding an old train, going out for dinner, and then playing Settlers of Catan.