New Year's Morning

The beginning of the new year and the waning hours of the New Year's Eve party: Greta reparing her sleeping bag, Jenna pausing, late-night clean-up, and Linda waiting for a taxi.

Januaray 6

At the Yaquina Bay beach with Kirsten and her parents, Ann and Kevin.

Here comes high tide. Run away!

Seeking warmth at an abandoned fire, and changing wet socks.

January 8

Students picking up web orders at the East Ballroom in the OSU Memorial Room. So what? I wrote the software that allows students to reserve textbooks from the OSU Bookstore's web site.

January 9

Roger Greenfield shared my office at the Security Officer for the OSU Bookstore. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay for long. His wisdom, professionalism, humor and forthrightness is missed.

January 13-14

Skiing with Linda Sebring near Wilson's cabins, Oregon.

Partying at the cabin with the rest of the folks. Oh no, it's 70's -- only 70's -- music; run away!

The next day around the Crater Lake rim.

February 17


One day, Greta brought over her cat, Mikey, who's probably a very close relative of Luna & Letha.

Visited ComedySportz at Grouchos in Eugene with Mark, Carrie and Michael, and saw friends Charlie and Randi participate.

Fabruary 18

Skiing with Linda and Patrick

Lava Lake, Oregon


Torsten Pihl

March 1

Hey, it's Eric Volker at the Computer Base, a subsidiary of OSU Bookstore.

March 4

The bicycle bridge between downdown and South Corvallis.

Tom Ryan at First Alternative Co-op.

March 5

One of the many squirrels at Squirrel's Tavern, downtown Corvallis.

The future home of the Horner Collection in downtown Corvallis.

Luna and Loco

An attempt at a self-portrait picture, before and after getting a hair cut.

Florida Trip

March 6-10

March 14

The OSU Bookstore staff, hanging out across the street after a fire alarm.

My boss and Controller, Randy, and the General Manager, Steve.

Here comes the fire truck.

March 14

Mark Irons at Squirell's Tavern.

March 16

March 17

A visit to Forest Park in Portland with Linda Irvine.

March 18

Portland Saturday Market

March 21

Preparing for textbook buyback in the MU Ballroom.

March 23

Friday Video at Torsten's house.

March 30

Another Friday Video at Torsten's house.

April 2

Greta gives me an apple tree that she delivered on her bicycle.

April 8-9

Eric of Silicon Valley visits Richard's house.

April 28

Mark moves into his new house.

April 29

It was a day of cats as Mark and I rode bikes and shopped around Corvallis.

April 30

Sonja in her office at the OSU Bookstore warehouse.

May 1

A random scene on the OSU campus. A guy with a huge white fro wig.

May 5

Cinco de Mayo party at Torsten's house. Friends, food, fun and frolicking.

May 12

Setting up for the Earth Ball at the Benton County Fair Grounds.

May 18

Mulching saplings and protecting their bases with heavy paper on Greta's 10 acres with Greta, Nicole and Nicole's dog Sadie. In view of Mary's Peak.

June 2

Mark Tamas' house warming party.

July 22

I bumped into Randy and Charlie Prince while wandering Da Vinci Days in Corvallis.

July 27

Camping with Linda near Drift Creek Wilderness.

July 28

Beach, tea and cats on the Oregon coast with Linda Sebring.

July 29

Cat Man Wu, downtown Corvallis.


A panorama of the lush end of the bike trail near Willamette Park.

August 1

Neighbor Cody playing with Torsten's accordion.

August 5

A lovely day with Maya Muller at the Portland Zoo and Portland Rose Garden.

August 5

Playing Settlers of Catan with Craig and Mark.

August 15

At the Corvallis airport with Craig, but it was too windy to fly.

August 15

Craig with my cat, Luna.

August 16

Craig flew me between Corvallis and Newport in a little helicopter, and afterwards we relaxed at McMenamins.

August 25-26

A most excellent, romantic trip with Maya Muller to Victoria, BC. We rode an Amtrak train to Seattle and then a Yankee Clipper boat to Victoria.

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