Backpacking in the Trinity Alps of Northern California

Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2000

2000-05-26 Gary H.JPG (205692 bytes) Gary H. snarfing his dinner and talking with me and the Lindas in his living room.  Linda-Lee met Gary on the Internet and he was gracious enough to share his home for the night.
2000-05-27 Linda-Lee and Linda-Sue in Weaverville.JPG (216571 bytes) Linda-Lee and Linda-Sue having lunch in Weaverville before rendezvousing with the others at the Ranger Station.
2000-05-27 Gary and RK.JPG (213893 bytes) 2000-05-27 Intrepid Linda.JPG (216330 bytes) Crossing, first by Gary and his intrepid dog RK and then by the Lindas.
2000-05-27 Torsten and Linda.JPG (557127 bytes)

Torsten and Linda.

2000-05-27 Pat and Roy staking out the campsite.JPG (215673 bytes)

Pat and Roy staking out the campsite.  My first picture of Pat and Roy.  I first met Pat in 1987 on my first backpacking trip to Point Reyes, California.  I met Roy in 1992 at the Lost Coast, California.

2000-05-27 Gary on the dogwood tree.JPG (209761 bytes)

Gary sitting on the deformed dogwood tree at our campsite.

2000-05-27 Layed-back Linda.JPG (587587 bytes)

Laid-back Linda.

2000-05-27 Canyon Creek.JPG (579972 bytes)

Canyon Creek near the campsite.

2000-05-27 Gary, Linda, Linda and RK.JPG (214054 bytes) 2000-05-27 Pat, Gary, Linda and Linda.JPG (218477 bytes) 2000-05-27 Smokey.JPG (215681 bytes) 2000-05-27 Around the campfire.JPG (216742 bytes) 2000-05-27 Hot water.JPG (500056 bytes) 2000-05-27 Roy.JPG (501388 bytes)

Hanging around the campfire for the evening.

2000-05-27 Linda hanging the food.JPG (618527 bytes) 2000-05-27 Linda hanging the food2.JPG (614009 bytes) Linda hanging the food in the tree to keep it from the bears.
2000-05-27 Night walk with Linda and Pat2.JPG (446833 bytes) 2000-05-27 Night walk with Linda and Pat3.JPG (209286 bytes) 2000-05-27 Night walk with Linda and Pat4.JPG (451694 bytes) A night walk with Linda and Pat.
2000-05-29 Linda pumping water2.JPG (570276 bytes) Linda pumping and purifying water from Canyon Creek.
  2000-05 Trinity Alps, Canyon Creek Lakes.jpg (575822 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Canyon Creek.jpg (412326 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Patrick and Canyon Creek.jpg (439424 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Linda Hunn.jpg (557541 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Saturday day hike; RK, Gary, Linda, Patrick and Roy.jpg (611265 bytes)  These pictures were taken by Linda Hunn.  Pat, Roy, Gary, RK and the Lindas went on a day hike on Saturday to the Canyon Creek Lakes upstream.  I stayed behind and slept because my knee was hurting.
  2000-05 Trinity Alps, Linda and Linda.jpg (421489 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, RK and Gary.jpg (641280 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Torsten.jpg (598962 bytes) 2000-05 Trinity Alps, Torsten, Linda, Gary and RK.jpg (446903 bytes) These pictures are also courtesy of Linda Hunn.
2000-05-29 Linda in the meadow next to the campsite.JPG (616865 bytes) 2000-05-29 Linda drying her underware.JPG (216231 bytes) 2000-05-29 Linda compemplating the water.JPG (200149 bytes) Enjoying the warm morning sun in the nearby meadow.  Highlights include Linda drying her underwear on the skunk cabbage.
2000-05-29 Pat preparing to leave.JPG (213944 bytes) Pat preparing to leave.
2000-05-29 Pat crossing a creek.JPG (554723 bytes) Pat crossing a creek.
2000-05-29 Waterfalls down to Canyon Creek.JPG (493205 bytes) Waterfalls down to Canyon Creek.
2000-05-29 Back at the cars.JPG (203192 bytes) 2000-05-29 Roy and Pat.JPG (484291 bytes) Back at the cars, the guys partook of Dos Equis beer until the women folk arrived.
2000-05-29 A visit to the Gonpa near Junction City.JPG (211655 bytes) A visit to the Buddhist Gonpa near Junction City.