John and Kathy's Going Away Party

Saturday, June 3, 2000

Southeast Corvallis, Oregon

2000-06-03 The guests begin arriving.JPG (343455 bytes)

The guests begin arriving.

2000-06-03 The blues band.JPG (215959 bytes)

The blues band.

2000-06-03 Kathy and Linda.JPG (347980 bytes) Kathy and Linda.
Panorama of the backyard.
2000-06-03 Around the potluck table.JPG (300815 bytes) Around the potluck table.
2000-06-03 Kathy blowing at the reigniting candles.JPG (209346 bytes) 2000-06-03 Kathy and John and cake.JPG (208803 bytes) And it was Kathy's pre-40th birthday party.
2000-06-03 Linda and clouds.JPG (219248 bytes) 2000-06-03 Kathy F.JPG (225561 bytes) 2000-06-03 John Kwait.JPG (183600 bytes)

Groovy clouds with Linda, Kathy and John.

2000-06-03 Kathy and John.JPG (369976 bytes)

John and Kathy; they're deserting Corvallis for the deserts of New Mexico.

Hey, Kathy and/or John! What's up? Where are you these days? --Torsten