Greta's Mayday Gathering

Saturday, May 6, 2000

Near Philomath, Oregon

2000-05-06 Greta's house.JPG (216772 bytes) Greta's house.
2000-05-06 Torsten holding one of Greta's chicks.JPG (205493 bytes) Torsten holding Toes Morpheus, one of Greta's chicks.  The other chick's name is Feathers Progonaskis.
2000-05-06 Greta in dress.jpg (282732 bytes) Greta in a dress!
2000-05-06 Napping Ken.JPG (215369 bytes) Napping Ken.
2000-05-06 Torsten and failed swing construction attempt.JPG (210777 bytes) Torsten's first attempt at constructing the swing version 1.0, using a continuous (uncut and knotted) length of rope.
2000-05-06 Linda trying the new swing.jpg (436080 bytes) 2000-05-06 Linda trying the new swing2.JPG (208255 bytes) Linda trying swing version 2.0.
2000-05-06 Ken, Valerie and Greta.JPG (200214 bytes) Hanging out inside Greta's house while she prepares the maypole wreath.
2000-05-06 Greta preparing the maypole.jpg (235774 bytes) Greta preparing the maypole.