Torsten's Trip to California and Pihl Family Reunion

(except Toni & Ulla who stayed in Denmark)

July 20-23, 2000

Los Altos Hills, California. My parents house sat every year for the Oxfeldt family; and my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew drove from Kansas.

2000-07-20 01 Ellis & Peter Pihl, we're playing Hearts at the Oxfeldt's.JPG (208768 bytes)

Playing Hearts with mom and dad under the porch by the pool.

2000-07-20 02 Peter Pihl pointing at something in the San Jose Valley a yonder.JPG (356344 bytes)


2000-07-20 03 The Kansas contingent arrives.JPG (213665 bytes)

The Kansas contingent arrives in their rental SUV.

2000-07-20 04 Dinner with the Pihl family.JPG (200233 bytes) Dinner with the Pihl family.
2000-07-21 05 Christian interupting dad (Thomas) who's connecting to work with his laptop computer.JPG (388429 bytes)

Christian bugging Thomas who's on his laptop computer connected to work.

2000-07-21 06 Good morning, Crystal!.JPG (205270 bytes)

Good morning, Crystal!

2000-07-21 07 Christian by the pool.JPG (407879 bytes) 2000-07-21 08 Christian and Thomas Pihl.JPG (207483 bytes)

Christian and Thomas at poolside.

2000-07-21 09 Christal and Thomas Pihl with Chrys in the background.JPG (210745 bytes) Crystal and Thomas Pihl with Chrys looking on in the background.
Crystal and Thomas.
Panorama of Chrys, Christian, Thomas and Crystal Pihl.
2000-07-21 10 Splash.JPG (208338 bytes) Splash!
2000-07-21 11 Solitare and home-made margaritas.JPG (209961 bytes) A view from the porch while I played solitaire and drank home-made margaritas.
2000-07-21 12 Dan Lindsey appears.JPG (594542 bytes) Aaar, there be Dans!
2000-07-21 13 Dan deposits his paycheck.JPG (189423 bytes) Dan deposits his paycheck at the bank.
2000-07-21 14 Thomas, Dan and I discuss electric cars.JPG (202534 bytes) Spending the evening sitting by the pool discussing stuff.  No, Dan, electric cars aren't a government conspiracy to limit people's movement.
2000-07-21 15 Chrys and Ellis Pihl.JPG (203272 bytes) Chrys and Ellis Pihl joining in.
2000-07-21 16 Peter Pihl.JPG (437015 bytes) Peter Pihl
2000-07-21 17 Another Pihl dinner at the Oxfeldt's house, California.JPG (199132 bytes) Birthday cake for Crystal, Torsten, Peter and Thomas.
2000-07-21 18 Crystal figuring out a camera.JPG (192224 bytes) How do I work this thing?
2000-07-21 19 Ellis and Crystal Pihl.JPG (191169 bytes) Ellis and Crystal Pihl.
2000-07-22 20 Christian playing Civilization on Thomas' laptop computer.JPG (205888 bytes) Christian playing Civilization on Thomas' laptop.
2000-07-22 21 Peter and Crystal Pihl.JPG (195607 bytes) Peter and Crystal Pihl.
2000-07-22 22 Christian and Crystal Pihl.JPG (199232 bytes) Christian and Crystal playing computer games.
2000-07-22 23 Christian and a model of a distant relative.JPG (469274 bytes) Christian with a distant cousin in San Francisco.
2000-07-22 24 Some Pihls in San Fransisco.JPG (216705 bytes) The Kansas Pihl family in San Francisco.
2000-07-22 25 Uncle Torsten with niece Crystal and nephew Christian.JPG (218239 bytes) Uncle Torsten with niece Crystal and nephew Christian in San Francisco.
2000-07-23 26 Good morning, Christian!.JPG (191371 bytes) Good morning, Christian!
2000-07-23 Breakfast at Late for the Train with Eric and his sort-of-roommate Paul.JPG (211670 bytes) 2000-07-23 Breakfast at Late for the Train with Paul and Dan.JPG (214544 bytes) 2000-07-23 Breakfast at Late for the Train with Torsten and Eric.JPG (209895 bytes) Breakfast at Late for the Train in Menlo Park with Eric, Paul and Dan.