Bikepacking with Patrick on Highway 242

Weekend of June 24-25, 2000

Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon

2000-06-24 Patrick and his truck, preparing to head out to Hwy 242.JPG (210300 bytes)

Preparing to leave Corvallis.

2000-06-24 Patrick and his truck near the gated Hwy 242.JPG (206246 bytes)

Parked by the highway a little ways from the gate.

2000-06-24 Patrick cruising highway 242.JPG (210678 bytes) 2000-06-24 Patrick cruising highway 242 III.JPG (202252 bytes) 2000-06-24 A lovely meadowette near the lava fields.JPG (209527 bytes)

After the grueling uphill, the flats and meadows near Scott Lake and the lava beds.

A car-free highway to ourselves...awesome!

2000-06-24 North Sister and Middle Sister mountains with the lava fields in the foreground.JPG (196342 bytes)  The North and Middle Sister mountains.
2000-06-24 Patrick on the Dee Wright observatory.JPG (370951 bytes) 2000-06-24 Torsten with the North and Middle Sister mountains in the background.JPG (205613 bytes) 2000-06-24 Patrick riding the observation paths on the lava fields with Black Crater in the background.JPG (202549 bytes)

On the Dee Wright observatory, and Patrick riding on the nearby observation paths.

2000-06-25 Torsten's bike at the campsite at Lava Lake.JPG (309835 bytes)

My old Schwinn bike at the Lava Lake campsite.

2000-06-25 Patrick on a rock specially-fitted for sitting and meditating with North and Middle Sister mountains in the background.JPG (211242 bytes)

Patrick Roberts on a rock that seems made for sitting and meditating.

2000-06-25 On the observation path in the lava fields with the North and Middle Sister mountains in the background.JPG (353008 bytes) One of the many old, slow-growing trees trying to grow on soil-free lava beds.
Panorama of Dee Wright observatory, Belnap Crater, Little Belnap Crater, Mt. Washington and Mt. Jefferson.
2000-06-25 My bike and Patrick on highway 242 with Belnap and Little Belnap craters in the background.JPG (205430 bytes) Stopping to climb and explore the lava beds.  Patrick was in search of "Orc tunnels" (lava tubes).
A ghostly Patrick eyeing little frogs near a log by Hand Lake with Mt. Washington in the distance.
2000-06-25 Patrick returning from Hand Lake.JPG (620504 bytes) Returning from Hand Lake.