2000-01 Pihl House in Kansas, SE.jpg (325753 bytes) 2000-01 Pihl House in Kansas, SW.jpg (327843 bytes)

The Thomas and Chrys Pihl family house.

La Cygne, Kansas


2000-04-04 View from my Office Chair.jpg (214193 bytes) 2000-04-04 Cheryl Sawtelle at OSU Bookstore.jpg (91687 bytes) 2000-04-04 OSU Bookstore Computer Room.jpg (256935 bytes) 2000-04-04 OSU Bookstore Computer Room 2.jpg (355412 bytes) 2000-04-04 Self Portrait in OSU Bookstore Computer Room.jpg (186014 bytes)

Hey, my first pictures from my Olympia D-360L digital camera.  A view from my office chair, Cheryl in Textbooks, a couple of views of the computer room, and a self portrait through the mirror in the computer room.

OSU Bookstore, MU, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon.

April 4

2000-04-04 Big Bill.jpg (86604 bytes) 2000-04-04 Big Bill Get Lost.jpg (62111 bytes) 2000-04-05 Big Bill.jpeg (206474 bytes) Big Bill, a newcomer cat.

My house in Corvallis, Oregon.

April 4 & 5

2000-04-04 Letha View from Above.jpg (46554 bytes) 2000-04-04 Letha What.jpg (190197 bytes) 2000-04-04 Living Room with Letha.jpg (69848 bytes) Letha.

My house in Corvallis, Oregon.

April 4

2000-04-04 Luna Sleepy on Futon.jpg (69214 bytes) 2000-04-04 Luna Regal on Futon.jpg (80545 bytes) 2000-04-04 Luna on Futon Couch.jpg (33231 bytes) Luna on the futon couch.

My house in Corvallis, Oregon.

April 4

2000-04-05 Go at New Morning Bakery.jpg (202553 bytes) The group of Wednesday-evening Go players at the New Morning Bakery on 2nd street.  Clockwise, Mr. Fang, Scott, Bill and David.

Corvallis, Oregon

April 5

A hand-held experiment with the panorama feature of my new camera.  One person appears four times, first coming out of the bookstore on the left.

OSU Memorial Union, camera facing South on left and West on right.

April 6

  2000-04-07 Mark Irons.jpg (180068 bytes)

Mark stops by my office to bring good news of the acquisition of a new job.

OSU Bookstore

April 7

Atsuko and Margaret Birthday Party at Karen and Mark's

Friday, April 7

Linda and Torsten Visit Eugene

Saturday, April 8

Linda and Torsten Visit the Coast for Sushi and Hiking

Sunday, April 9

2000-04-18 Greta in Take Back the Night march.JPG (197407 bytes) 2000-04-19 Midnight Bike Bridge Over Mary's River Panorama.jpg (1481846 bytes)

Take Back the Night march, ending up at the Corvallis courthouse.

A freaky midnight panorama of my bicycle on the Mary's River bicycle bridge.

April 18

Rogue River Canyon Backpacking Trip

Easter/Earth Day Weekend, April 21-23

2000-04-29 Greta in her house.JPG (201885 bytes) 2000-04-30 Greta checking her eggs.JPG (192365 bytes) 2000-04-30 Greta washing her clothes.JPG (219190 bytes) 2000-04-30 Negig, Greta's cat, snarfing homemade catfood.JPG (161589 bytes)

Visits to Greta's house and land near Philomath, Oregon.

Inside her house, checking the progress of her chicken eggs, washing clothes, and her cat Nagig.

April 29 & 30

2000-04-30 Sunbow Farms, Greta in a greenhouse.JPG (204949 bytes) 2000-04-30 Sunbow Farms, Harry & Greta.JPG (125440 bytes) 2000-04-30 Sunbow Farms, Shepard and Greta with Harry on the tractor.JPG (203190 bytes)

A visit to Sunbow Farm, across the street from Greta's land.

Greta investigating a greenhouse; Harry & Greta; and Shepard (AKA Lorenzo) and Greta with Harry in the background on the tractor.

April 30

2000-05-05 Big Bill in recycling bin.jpg (165469 bytes) 2000-05-05 Big Bill in recycling bin2.jpg (142030 bytes) Content Big Bill in the recycling bin.

Cinco de Mayo

2000-05-06 Phil in his lovely little backyard.jpg (216686 bytes) Former-neighbor Phil in his lovely little backyard at the corner of 11th and Jefferson, Corvallis.

May 6

Greta's Mayday Gathering

Saturday, May 6

Karen and Del Craft's Wedding

Friday, May 12

A visit to Lars/Glacier and Paul's Land

Friday, May 12

2000-05-13 Fight Club Party, Richard and Mark.JPG (199798 bytes) 2000-05-13 Fight Club Party, Laura, Jeff and Carol.JPG (203163 bytes) Fight Club video party at Mark's house in Eugene with Richard, Mark, Laura, Jeff and Carol.

Friday, May 13

2000-05-14 Leftover Wedding Feast with Karen, Del and Mark.JPG (207155 bytes) Karen and Del invited Mark and I over for an after-wedding leftover feast.

May 14

2000-05-17 Willamette Park panorama.jpg (861428 bytes) Willamette Park panorama, facing West and Northwest.

May 17

2000-05-20 Trout Creek trail monster and Torsten2.jpg (634618 bytes) 2000-05-20 View from Rooster Rock eastward.jpg (394595 bytes) Trout Creek trail hike to Rooster Rock.

Old Cascades, Oregon.

Saturday, May 20

2000-05-21 Lauren gathering camera equipment and food for Ona Beach.JPG (390192 bytes) 2000-05-21 Lauren at lunch spot on Ona Beach.JPG (330101 bytes) 2000-05-21 Lauren at lunch spot on Ona Beach2.JPG (329005 bytes) 2000-05-21 Shoe at Ona Beach.JPG (328643 bytes) 2000-05-21 Lauren in cold waters at Ona Beach.jpg (339566 bytes) 2000-05-21 Fishermen at Ona Beach.jpg (271069 bytes)

A visit to Ona Beach with Lauren.

Sunday, May 21

2000-05-22 Greta First Time Rollerblading1.JPG (462539 bytes) 2000-05-22 Greta First Time Rollerblading2.JPG (213074 bytes) 2000-05-22 Greta First Time Rollerblading3.JPG (472228 bytes) Greta attempting to rollerblade for the very first time.

May 22

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps of Northern California

Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2000

2000-06-02 At Mona Lisa's Restaurant.JPG (427105 bytes) 2000-06-02 Mark and Nikki.JPG (156763 bytes) 2000-06-02 Mark, Jeff and Nikki.JPG (181607 bytes) 2000-06-02 Laura, Mark and Nikki.JPG (246738 bytes) 2000-06-02 Carol and Jeff.JPG (175319 bytes) 2000-06-02 Richard and Nikki.JPG (233029 bytes) 2000-06-02 Nikki.JPG (201841 bytes)

An evening with the Eugene gang and meeting Richard's new dog, Nikki.

Friday, June 2

John & Kathy's Going Away Party

Saturday, June 2, 2000

2000-06-13 Loco.jpg (201322 bytes) 2000-06-13 Big Bill wanting in2.jpg (213905 bytes) New 5-month-old kitten, Loco, and Big Bill saying, "Let me in, por favor.".

June 12

 2000-06-14 Melissa and Loco.JPG (328959 bytes) 2000-06-14 Loco and hedgehog.JPG (377527 bytes) 2j000-06-14 Kill the rabbit.JPG (305763 bytes)

Melissa and Loco.

June 14

2000-06-16 Carmizin setting up at Cafe Paradiso.JPG (202790 bytes) 2000-06-16 Richard and Ray at Cafe Paradiso.JPG (398408 bytes) 2000-06-16 Carrie at Cafe Paradiso.JPG (238534 bytes) 2000-06-16 Carmizin at Cafe Paradiso.JPG (381993 bytes) 2000-06-16 Carmizin at Cafe Paradiso2.JPG (212824 bytes) 2000-06-16 Carmizin at Cafe Paradiso3.JPG (301076 bytes) 2000-06-16 Mark collecting funds at the Cafe Paradiso entrance.JPG (202802 bytes) 2000-06-16 Chess on the porch of Cafe Paradiso.JPG (199588 bytes) 2000-06-16 Mike, Mark, Carrie and Chico at Cafe Paradiso.JPG (385267 bytes)

An evening at Cafe Paradiso with the band Carmizin: Chico, Carrie and Michael.

Eugene, OR

June 16

2000-06-19 Corvallis PD and Post Office.JPG (217980 bytes) What, did the Corvallis post office almost burn down?

June 19

2000-06-20 Loco, Luna and Letha, while Bill onlooks outside.JPG (192279 bytes) All of the kitties, Loco, Luna, Letha, and Bill on-looking outside.

June 20

2000-06-21 Melissa presenting a Mary's Peak waterfall.JPG (488753 bytes) 2000-06-21 Melissa almost to the summit of Mary's Peak.JPG (483791 bytes) 2000-06-21 A dinner picnic with Melissa near the summit of Mary's Peak.JPG (206178 bytes) 2000-06-21 Torsten on Mary's Peak.JPG (213442 bytes) 2000-06-21 Melissa aglow with Solstice sunset.JPG (319007 bytes)

Atop Mary's Peak with Melissa.

June 21

2000-06-22 Loco on couch.JPG (204704 bytes) 2000-06-22 Loco on couch2.JPG (220089 bytes) Loco.

June 22

Bikepacking with Patrick on Highway 242

Weekend of June 24-25, 2000

2000-06-26 Mark's birthday party at McMenamins North Bank.JPG (460826 bytes) 2000-06-26 Mark's birthday party at McMenamins North Bank2.JPG (280572 bytes) 2000-06-26 Francis and her human, Jeff.JPG (203774 bytes)

Mark's birthday party at McMenamins North Bank and Jeff & Laura's house.

Eugene, Oregon.

June 26

 2000-07-02 Luna stalking honey bees.jpg (213556 bytes) 2000-07-02 Luna stalking honey bees2.jpg (216106 bytes) Luna stalking honey bees in my front yard.

July 2

2000-07-02 Nikki about to go out for a walk.JPG (174025 bytes)

Richard and Nikki go out for a walk in Tugman Park near his house.

Eugene, Oregon.

July 2

Corvallis 4th of July Celebration

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Oregon Country Fair

Sunday, July 9, 2000

Torsten's Birthday

Friday, July 14, 2000

Da Vinci Days

Weekend of July 15-16, 2000

Pihl Family Reunion

July 20-23, 2000

2000-07-28 North Bank, Carrie and Michael.JPG (196034 bytes) 2000-07-28 North Bank, Carol and Mark.JPG (201262 bytes) An evening out at McMenamin's North Bank, Eugene, Oregon.

July 28, 2000

2000-07-28 Carol holding yet-to-be-named.JPG (340586 bytes) 2000-07-28 Java tolerating a kitten attack.JPG (170140 bytes) 2000-07-28 Java biting back.JPG (201055 bytes) 2000-07-28 Kitten and Carrie.JPG (251415 bytes) 2000-07-28 Kitten in a bag.JPG (208341 bytes) 2000-07-28 Mark and Richard holding Java and yet-to-be-named.JPG (199539 bytes) 

After dinner, a visit with Mark's new kitty.  She's so cute!  Including Java mostly tolerating her feistiness.

July 28, 2000

2000-08-05 Chetco River, Linda2.JPG (212860 bytes) 2000-08-05 Chetco River, newts.JPG (215448 bytes) 2000-08-05 Chetco River, Torsten presenting.JPG (213663 bytes) 2000-08-05 Chetco River, Linda preparing dinner.JPG (217087 bytes) 2000-08-06 Chetco River, Linda cooling2.JPG (211800 bytes)

Linda and I backpacked, swam and dined on the shore of the Chetco river in southern Oregon.

August 5-6

The new skate park being constructed near the Mary's River in Corvallis.

August 10

I rode my bicycle to Eugene from Corvallis and Mark treated me to an Emeralds baseball game.  I hadn't seen a baseball game since I was a kid.

August 11

2000-08-16 Avalon Cinema.JPG (108123 bytes) 2000-08-16 Peacock Tavern, Chelsea and Simon.JPG (173957 bytes) 2000-08-16 Peacock Tavern, Simon and Ronda.JPG (189758 bytes) 2000-08-16 Peacock Tavern, Ronda and Torsten.JPG (171542 bytes)

An evening at the Avalon Cinema watching the new (New York) version of Hamlet, and afterwards hanging out at the Peacock Tavern with Chelsea, Simon and Ronda.

August 16

2000-08-19 01 Tire Mountain with Richard and Nikki.JPG (216952 bytes) 2000-08-19 Nikki close-up.JPG (198171 bytes) On Tire Mountain with Richard and Nikki.  Nikki, what a "snouter"!

August 19

2000-08-25 Ralph first steps on stage.JPG (214600 bytes) 2000-08-25 Let Ralph Debate!.JPG (185390 bytes) 2000-08-25 Ralph Nader.JPG (171297 bytes) 2000-08-25 Nader crowd1.JPG (207165 bytes)2000-08-25 Bush and Gore.JPG (359560 bytes) 2000-08-25 Rat Boy, Robby and Greta.JPG (213048 bytes)

Ralph Nader gathering at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.

Vote for your principles and dreams -- not your fears!

August 25

Oregon Coast Bike Tour

August 28 through September 4, 2000

2000-09-07 Letha in hospital.JPG (381721 bytes) Letha in the hospital with an IV tube.  She had stopped eating and drinking.  She died in my arms.

Willamette Vet Clinic, Corvallis

September 7

2000-09-16 Three white kitties at Ace Hardware2.JPG (207255 bytes) Three white kittens at Ace Hardware.


2000-09-17 Toni, Mark, Randi and Charlie.JPG (212197 bytes) 2000-09-17 Randi enjoying Tinky Winky.JPG (212970 bytes) Sunday Gaming in my back yard with Tony, Mark, Tinki Winki, Randi and Charlie.

September 17

2000-09-22 Melissa's poem.JPG (197207 bytes) Melissa's poem posted on the old Midway sign in downtown Corvallis.

September 22

Fall Rush at the OSU Bookstore

September 25

2000-10-07 Kirsten lounging.jpg (193327 bytes) 2000-10-07 Nikki at my house2.jpg (349757 bytes) 2000-10-08 Kirsten and Letha-in-a-box.jpg (194978 bytes) 2000-10-08 Letha-in-a-box.jpg (197643 bytes)

A weekend with Kirsten Davis, Richard, Nikki and my kitties.

October 7-8

2000-10-13 Kirsten and Mark.JPG (207178 bytes) 2000-10-13 Greta scratching Nikki.JPG (196178 bytes) 2000-10-13 Looking over the huge Oregon Voter's Pamplet.JPG (204628 bytes) 2000-10-13 Del and Loco.JPG (292232 bytes)

The first Friday Video of the season.

October 13

Tony Neff's 40th birthday party. Tony had a cow, literally.

October 20

Pumpkin picking with Kirsten Davis.

October 22

Jane and Judy, bookends at work today.

October 26


Another Friday Video party: Greta, Kirsten and Linda sip wine, Greta hangs out with Loco, Margaret overwhelmed by plushies, and Torsten wearing Linda's hat.

October 27


Pumpkin carving at Torsten's house.

October 28


Halloween at the OSU Bookstore: Gretchen, Jane Haecker, John Malosh, Judy, Pam Otley, Randy Zentmire, Sofie, Steve, and the Textbooks department.

October 31

Another Friday Video at Torsten's house, including face painting by Greta and a rat.

November 3-4

"The Nation Waits", reads most of the headlines, a couple of days after the presidential election.

OSU Bookstore

November 9

Luna, relaxed on my kitchen table.

November 12

Kevin Converse, U of O Duck fan, whos office was sabotaged by zealous OSU Beaver fans. Caitlyn is his daughter.

November 16

Another Friday Video at Torsten's house: Kirsten, Karen, Margaret, Mark and Mark.

December 22

A video party at Mark's house in Eugene with Michael, Richard, and cats Java & Misu.

December 23

Rod and Linda's Christmas party at their house in Eugene, Oregon.

December 25

Bottling my second batch of homebrewed ale.

December 27